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Splitting my tree into four separate ones

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Splitting my tree into four separate ones

Postby DeniseCal » Fri Apr 10, 2015 9:39 am

I've been considering splitting my tree I have in Family Tree Maker into four separate trees as at the moment I have my husbands and my family in one big tree with about 1700 people in it.

The four branches are in distinctly different areas of the UK. I don't have it uploaded anywhere online.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?
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Re: Splitting my tree into four separate ones

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:49 am

In my view there are no real advantages to splitting. It doesn't save any space on the computer worth speaking of. If you ask the software to find someone with a specific name, you will not notice any difference in the speed. Certainly if you're scrolling through the names, reading them yourself, looking for that name that you can't quite remember until you see it, then yes, that will take longer.

The issues come with how the stuff is split. Where do you put yourself and any siblings and all your descendants? Sure, you can make the arbitrary decision to put yourself in your father's tree (for example) - then you find you want to draw charts with you and your mother on.

Then people always underestimate the potential for crossover between trees. I would have sworn that my parents' trees would never have crossed but one of my distant relatives has traced one of Mum's families across the county to a town where they marry into a family that I am pretty certain are linked to Dad.

Don't try to be too tidy - let the computer do the work.

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Re: Splitting my tree into four separate ones

Postby SoozOne » Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:56 am

Hi DeniseCal
I've done the reverse to your One Tree. I started different branches of my family on four separate grandparent trees, but this has become very cumbersome as the deeper I go the more I find family members on all four trees who have crossed over and back at various times. So to keep track of everyone is getting to be very time-consuming with multiple source entries on each tree, as well as being a bit of a headache keeping notes as to how far I've updated which tree. Then I found my bro has also built a tree, which has more or less the same names, but some of them have different/extra source info from mine in many places. (aaarrrghhhh!!) And I thought keeping them separate would be simple!
Whilst I don't have nearly the number of entries as you, I am slowly in the process of combining all my now five smaller branches into one complete tree as it will save considerable time double entering. I use the Ancestry app on my ipad, and have just bought the computer based FamilyTreeMakerMac3 which links and saves me having to sub to the Ancestry website. I was using the FamilySearch MobileFamilyTree and MacFamilyTree7, but they only link through having to load and download GEDCOMs all the time, which is tedious. Their source information I've found can be very often suspect too.
I save GEDCOMS to separate computer backup folders as I go.
As well as Ancestry I use FindMyPast, mostly when they have sub specials. I find their Census records especially far more detailed and useful than those which Ancestry produce.
I've also written out some fairly basic direct line trees onto sheets of plain A4 paper to refer to and to copy for family members who aren't that interested in peripheral sibling families. I keep these to just basic BDM and location, with a note on where they link in or out through cousin marriages.
I've found that what started as an idle moments tracing of some family lists I inherited some years ago has turned into a rather addictive pastime since I retired.

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Re: Splitting my tree into four separate ones

Postby BobsyWobsy » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:24 pm

i prefer it all on one as My original paper Tree was converted to Computer and proved to have some wrong lines when i got the later Parish Records on Ancestry so I unlinked them and replaced with correct info.
I had that much info for these other lines that I kept then and started a Name Tree and now I have been able to connect a lot of them to my own line.
I also add all the children and families both sides Maternal and Paternal and it has been really interesting and over 6,000 people Still finding More and on Ancestry World Wide have just traced My Grandfathers Brother in America. All I had for years was Him and his Wife.
I like it all on one tree
Bob T.
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