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Inter family relationships

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Inter family relationships

Postby SoozOne » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:04 am

Hi Everyone,
I'm having a bit of a problem getting my head around some large family inter-relationships, which I thought I had sussed until I was sent some surprise sourced info today. I've covered lots of bits of paper trying to work out the inter-cousin relationships, I've ended up with ... lots of pieces of paper, and a headache. I'm hoping someone can help me by working out the correct relationship. As some of my age cousins are still living I'll use surname initials and only give the direct line names. I've cut the numbers of children down to only those relevant here.

It all starts with my ggggrandparents John and Sarah C. They had two children, son Charles daughter Rachel.

First line son Charles C wife Mary
Their son Edward C wife Maria
Their daughter Hannah C husband Alfred (but I'll keep with C here as its easier to follow)
Their daughter Mary (C) husband Tommy
I'm their daughter Susan

First line daughter Rachel, who married Charles G.
Their son also Charles G wife Sarah
Had a son Hezekiah G wife Elizabeth
Had a daughter Ellen G. husband ARTHUR B - here is where is gets interesting
They had 6 children around my age who are my 4th cousins ... Or so I thought

So far its level pegging with matching generations. But today I was given some more fully sourced information which has confused things for me. I had Arthur B's father Thomas B but until today only had his mother's first name Elizabeth. Today I received the following:

The first line son Charles C wife Mary
Also had a daughter Elizabeth (much younger sister of Edward) who married THOMAS B

Thomas B is the father of Arthur B who then (skipped a generation) married his cousin Ellen G.
So does this make their 6 children around my age my 4th cousins, or my 3rd cousins ... or both???

My mother always insisted the 6 were her level generation. Until today I thought she was wrong and they were my generation. But it looks like we're both right, or possibly not ... its rather confusing.

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Re: Inter family relationships

Postby AdrianB38 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:31 am

It's too early in the day for me to try to read the details but I would say that there is absolutely no reason why someone can't be your nth cousin and your mth cousin at the same time.

I have a couple who are both my 4? greats grandparents and my 5? greats - just depends whether I count it through my GG GF or his wife, my GG GM, who was something like his second cousin once removed. NB - don't take those great counts literally - they're probably wrong.

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Inter family relationships

Postby SoozOne » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:10 am

I've done some entering deleting in an extra ancestry app tree, and figure the 6 have gone from being my 4th cousins through their mother Ellen's line, to now being as well my 2nd cousins 1x removed through their father Arthur's line.
I think ... possibly.
Its rather confusing.

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Re: Inter family relationships

Postby Mellie » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:53 am

My husband has quite a few cousins like that in his tree, for example his first cousin is also his fourth due to some cousins marrying further up the tree. One of his aunts became a cousin when she married someone from his fathers side of the family. Thank goodness Family Historian handles all these multiple relationships for me!

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Re: Inter family relationships

Postby JaneyH » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:29 pm

I have a similarly complicated situation in part of my tree. Although it doesn't muddle up the generations it's something that I don't even know if there's a name for! Here goes ...

There are two brothers in one family, George and Henry, and two sisters in another family: Sarah-Jane and Alice. George marries Sarah-Jane, and Henry marries Alice. George and Sarah-Jane then have a son, Herbert, while Henry and Alice have a daughter Annie. In my book this makes Herbert and Annie "double" cousins - because they are cousins through both the maternal and paternal lines. In time Herbert and Annie marry each other. No crime has been committed here as far as I'm aware but by today's standards the inter-marrying seems a bit too close.
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