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Ancestry have done it Again

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Ancestry have done it Again

Postby SoozOne » Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:44 am

Not content with giving out fictitious place and county locations on their BMD records, as well as inserting completely irrelevant, unnecessary, and unwanted historical hints all through my family's personal details, that I have to go through and delete after they 'kindly' eventually put in an 'ignore' button. (Which I'm still having to stuff around doing with new folk I entered today!)

They have now updated their App and inserted Bright Blue also irrelevant Search buttons throughout Everyone's personal facts ... which are now bordering on bizarre. For example on my personal detail sheet there was a Bright Blue button saying "find out my residence", even though I had included those details within other facts and notes. Out of curiosity I clicked it, and low and behold it came up with well over 152,000 - one hundred and fifty-two Thousand - Electoral Roll references.

The first 30 or so were dated years before I was born, let alone old enough to vote! And the list went on, and on, and on, to include not only variations of my given name, but when it ran out of that option, carried on listing even more names that didn't remotely resemble mine. As well as from anywhere on the planet that held elections.

Other Bright Blue tags helpfully suggest finding marriage details - again listing hundreds of possible partners, whilst completely ignoring correct partner names. Birth details, some starting well after sourced baptism and some marriage dates, and offering death details of at least one person who isn't actually dead yet ... bit creepy that one!

Like the unwanted historical inserts, these tags can be deleted by swiping right to left. But when there's two or three per person, for a large family having to delete every tag individually is tedious as well as highly irritating.

It's totally beyond my comprehension why Ancestry would think this is a good idea to continually tamper with records that their customers have, in my case at least, taken years of painstaking research to put together.

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Ancestry have done it Again

Postby Mick Loney » Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:08 am


I think you misunderstand what the app is showing, and consequently not getting the best out of it.

A) it shows historical events against individuals, to give you a sense of what was going on at the time, to give you a bit of historical context. It has not added anything to your tree, and you have no need to delete them, just ignore them if you want.

(I do agree however that there should be an on/off switch somewhere to turn these events off if so desired - make a suggestion to Ancestry, you never know, they may add it to the next upgrade)

B) As for the other blue 'hints', why would you click on them if you already know the answer? I have noticed similar weird hints on my tree, but rarely click on them, as I already have the information.

As far as my use of the app goes, I use it to carry a copy of my Ancestry tree (which is a copy of my FamilyTreeMaker (FTM) tree) around with me when visiting local archives etc.
1. I do not use it for modifying my tree ( this done via FTM on my PC)
2. I do not use it to view hints ( again I use FTM for this)
3. I only use the hints when I'm stuck. When I do find a correct and useful hint on FTM, (usually someone else's tree) I first check it for accuracy, then add it manually to my tree, and NEVER click the 'add to my tree'. That way I retain full control of my tree, without the risk of having extraneous bumpf being added, after all, it is MY tree, and I want to retain control of what it contains.

REMEMBER, the hints and historical facts have NOT been added to your tree, and can safely be ignored.

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