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Re: family tree maker

Postby meekhcs » Sat May 16, 2015 8:48 am

I have found this to be a very helpful thread. After years of building my tree privately on Ancestry I have been wondering how to "take control" of my research and to make sure that it is still available after I am gone (morbid I know but it comes to us all!!)

As I am not very computer literate this has been a worry. I do have my tree on paper as well as Ancestry but the number of files have increased over time and I need to find a way of maintaining it so that it is all there at the touch of a button! FTM is this Autumn's project me thinks.

Thanks everyone

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family tree maker

Postby SoozOne » Mon May 18, 2015 4:50 am

I started my digital trees last year with Ancestry's ipad app. For an app its pretty good, it also syncs with the Ancestry website. I have a registered password but don't have to have a sub to Ancestry to use this app. I can go online to the website as a Registered Guest which gives me access to my tree/s, as well as seeing hints, and access to the community noticeboard. I can also see if there is possible information on public sites to follow up. I am a bit wary of some of these though as far too many seem to have copied their information wholesale from other public trees ... complete with date and at times spelling errors.
A couple of months ago I bought FamilyTreeMakerMac7 for my computer. I was pleased at how easy it was to download my Ancestry based trees to the programme. There is a pretty awesome Help menu. This programme was the basic but has in-app purchase facilities for various value subs to Ancestry. Right now I choose not to, as I still retain my Registered Guest status. My app syncs/backs up automatically to the Ancestry site, but I choose to manually sync my computer based FTMM7. As well as syncing to Ancestry it can also backup GEDCOMS to a separate folder in my computer, which I then copy off onto different media. Using FTMM7 I have just merged my four trees into a fifth separate tree, which was pretty straightforward. It built a new tree, leaving the original four intact.
As long as you've a registered password with Ancestry, you don't have to pay for a month/year sub to use their apps or access your online trees, unless you want to attach their hints to your people, or view other public trees. I find its enough for me to sub for a month every six months or so which gives me time to check out other trees. In between time I work through the hints, either discarding or entering the details on individual's timelines to check/load when I have full access.
With both apps I have the option of private or public trees. As I prefer to do my own research, and am still building, checking etc my tree is private as I don't want to encourage wholesale copying of possibly incorrect details whilst I'm still researching.

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