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No Specials for NZ iTunes subscribers

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Re: No Specials for NZ iTunes subscribers

Postby SoozOne » Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:56 am

irishstreetlad wrote:Unfortunately the digital copies don't work on my tablet so I only have paper. I know there was one recently covering Cornwall. I'll hunt it out and any others covering the other areas you mentioned. You're welcome to have them if you can get hold of the digital copies.
The Cornwall records office link is... ... h-studies/
Hope this helps.
I've got a UK ancestry and findmypast subscription if you need any searches done here.

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Many thanks for the Cornwall addy irishstreetlad, and the very generous offer for searches, and back copies. I have the Ancestry app which also enables me to go in as a registered guest on my comp so I can access info on site, but not download any info, though the app gives me small snippets which is helpful. FMP quite often has £1 a month specials, which I grab, and have found quite a lot of info which I've copied.
But. I've just borrowed Kimberly Powell's 'Everything Guide ...' ebook from my local library and found I've been doing my search all wrong so far, so it looks like I have some major backtracking to note down research references, which is best done right now before I go any further. What originally started some years ago as an idle sporadic search originating from a family handed down 'pedigree' has very recently evolved into a rather addictive ferreting out of illusive details. I have a large number of computer files scattered around which I need to sort and put in order.
I think too that this conversation has veered off topic somewhat. You are very welcome to email me privately though. Being new to the forum I'm not sure how to do this.

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Re: No Specials for NZ iTunes subscribers

Postby Editor » Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:17 pm

Sorry about the problems with iTunes this Christmas. It didn't just apply to NZ. Unfortunately there was a glitch at iTunes that meant it didn't work for anyone and we had to cancel the offer. Sorry I didn't get onto the forum and explain this. We will be running this offer properly soon through iTunes and I'll keep you all informed when this happens.

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