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Royal engineers Inland Waterways and Transport regiment

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Royal engineers Inland Waterways and Transport regiment

Postby juneh » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:19 pm

I have 3 family members who left England for America in 1912. my great uncle Samuel John Tate b1867 Walsall and his 2 sons Samuel John Henry b1895 Smethwick and David b Smethwick. All 3 of them signed draft papers for the American Army in June 1917.I have always known they served in WW1 and have recently found their war medal cards on Ancestry. Samuel John was in the above regiment and his regiment no was 324977 Samuel John Henry also reg no. 324978 and also 345213. David reg no 324976 and 345211.
These are all the records I have. Where can i find where they served and what would they have done and in England or abroad?
They became Naturalised US citizens in September 1919.
Any help appreciated juneh
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Re: Royal engineers Inland Waterways and Transport regiment

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:34 pm

I suggest that you start by reading bits on The Long, Long Trail site particularly the sections about Research starting on Also the Royal Engineers section on - the railways section there seems to concentrate on railway construction rather than operation, simply mentioning "The RE also raised Railway Operating Companies and Railway Workshop Companies."

The major issue is that up to 3/4 of papers for British Army soldiers from WW1 were destroyed in WW2. Since your lot had adjacent numbers it's very possible their papers were all filed together and therefore if one was burnt, it's probable they all were. Surviving papers are on both Ancestry and FindMyPast.

Your guys are interesting - although they registered under US regulations, they were conscripted into the British Army - I know it's conscription because of the dates. I think there were agreements that allowed the UK to conscript its citizens no matter where they were. I've also never seen those comments about applying for medals - normally campaign medals were sent out automatically.
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