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DRO - Daily Routine Orders

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DRO - Daily Routine Orders

Postby campbrd1 » Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:55 pm

DRO's are used throughout my uncle's records for travel, training, attachments, postings, and temporary duties. Is there a book or regulations that breaks this down a bit more so that I can understand the orders better? Some seem straightforward since they involve travel others are sort of obscure, but properly interpreted the DRO would flesh out my understanding of my grand uncle's RCAF career. Examples are DRO 224/441 North Bay to Toronto authority M.A.R13 and another is DRO 298/41 #1MD to #31RS and another is DRO 64/42 Moncton to UK

Help would be appreciated is someone out there knows where there is a summary of regulations for DRO.

Any help is much appreciated.. Robert
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