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Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby ksouthall » Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:42 pm

MarySue wrote:I do agree that the terminology used for internment was a little heavy handed but sadly this is how it was viewed by those left behind.

A cousin didn't see the programme and having related some of the detail to him this is his reply.....

I enjoyed this episode and found it very interesting. I find that a variety of stories helps to keep the series interesting. I would rather find out a lot of detail about one or two generations of a family, with information about why they might have made the life choices they did, than go back several generations with little additional information about people's characters and personality, or the impact they had on the area in which they lived. I have enjoyed all of the programmes so far this series, as they have been so different.

The comments from your cousin provided an interesting insight. I hope the forum manager's are able to pass them on to Tamzin Outhwaite as she would probably be interested to hear them.
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby callbrian » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:40 pm

I agree this series appears to be slightly different. I have enjoyed the series so far but did prefer the first two episodes.
The previous series comments on the forum, have mainly stated that not enough detail was given about individuals, not enough depth was given a particular subject. I suppose nobody is ever going to be completely satisfied.
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby Fpoulton » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:08 am

I am afraid I am in the camp that enjoys the going back in the tree type programmes. Although Tamzin knew little about her Grandad she knew enough to go back instead we get an ice cream infomercial. I know this is social history... But it doesn't need to take so much of the programme up.
I also agree with the comment about the internment camp, I know it was grim, but actually better conditions than the trenches and certainly better treated than their counterparts in Germany. Not quite a holiday, but they were released.
Saying that I am addicted to programme....they better have it on in Scotland tonight..or there will be tears

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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby giliomoscardini » Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:42 am

I was in Barga when the episode was being played, so I watched it yesterday on catch-up.
I know where Adelmo's father's house was in Barga, - on the road to Sommocolonia, which is where my family originate from. We know that my grandfather and his two brothers were also interned in the Isle of Man. I don't believe it was as bad as the lady earlier on in the programme said. Internment was to be expected during wartime, and a number of them like my great uncle were only in there for a few months. This was once they were investigated and found to be nothing more than ice cream vendors ! Though apparently my grandfather Giuseppe (later known as Joe) was a bit more demanding of a release stating that he had fought alongside the British army at Caporetto in WW1, and had a medal to prove it. "So why are you keeping me in ?"
So you can let Tamzin know that the Moscardini's knew the Santi's (and still do as one is still in Barga).
We have picked up a lot of research on this time of immigration from Italy, by family history and doing our own research, though I would like to delve more if I could contact Maria Laura Frulini & Nicoletta Franchi.
I personally enjoyed the programme because it covered a lot of my family history too, and if anybody else besides Tamzin wants to know more about the Geordie Italians then feel free to contact me. Gilio
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby KayFarndon » Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:04 pm

Having been away for eight days I missed last week's episode and reading the forum reviews I have not bothered to look for it on catch-up tv.

I have just read the blurb about Brendan O'Carroll's episode tonight and they are focusing on his grandfather!

I agree with sykeel and want the series to go back through the celebrity's ancestors, thus helping all those beginners who really do not have a clue as to how to research to learn how to do it!

I feel the programme is far wide of the mark now and this is so disappointing.
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby AdrianB38 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:21 pm

You seem to assume that the purpose of the programme is to teach people how to do family history. No. They tried that in the 5m segments at the end of the first series. Clearly the audience reaction was poor. Besides if you wanted to teach people, then repeating the same steps for each ancestor back so many generations and then doing the same thing in the next programme would be a poor way of doing it.

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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby Tabithabenef » Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:22 pm

Personally for me this episode was deadly boring

I didn’t learn anything new at all & i have to admit there are very few
Programmes in the entire series where i have not learnt one new fact.

I have watched every episode from day one & most of the US ones

It did not keep my interest & is one of the few i actively whizzed through on the fast forward button.

If I wanted to know how to make Ice cream i can watch Marsterchef –

The best bit was the look on her face when the chap splashed her with the cream.
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby Brummie on Exmoor » Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:03 pm

I agree with others about the 'Concentration Camp' comments in this episode. They were rather too strong, and certainly not justified in any way, when you think about what was going on in Germany, Poland etc. In the context of the time, some official reaction was necessary for those who were not naturalised British and were nationals of countries with which we were at war.

But my chief criticism of this programme is that Tamzin Outhwaite seemed to already know so much. Twice, she said that she had stayed many times as a child, in the places where the action was taking place. She must have known virtually everything already. In comparison with the 1st 2 episodes, this one was weak.
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby Caerportus » Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:00 pm

I am an avid fan of WDYTYA and have watched every episode of every series, including many of the American episodes & loved most of them. I have to say, this episode was the worst one i have seen.
It contained very little Genealogy, was boring, plus Tazmin Outhwaite seemed to be, not at all natural, in fact it seemed as though she was overacting. Like most Eastenders actors! :cry:
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Re: Tamzin Outhwaite's episode

Postby Markymoomoo » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:03 pm

I very nearly lost the will to live with this episode. How many times can a person say "oh my gosh" without someone wanting to shove an ice cream cone up their nose. I'm sure Tamzin is lovely - unfortunately her episode was, for me, dull as dish water.
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