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Postby Brummie on Exmoor » Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:09 pm

Thank you very much to Catherine WILLIAMS for coming up with several useful ideas (pg 45 Issue 90) regarding my problem, aired in 'You're the Expert' in Issue 89, last month.

My original question was actually a little more full, as I sent it in to the Q&A pages. It read in part '....Their children were all Christened at the New Meeting House in Moor Street, Birmingham, which makes tracking them reasonably easy. However, Marriages and Burials could not take place in Non-Conformist places of worship at the time.

Oliver was married 3 times: on 30 March 1744 at St Philip’s, Birmingham to Mary HARFORD; on 18 April 1750 at St Peter and St Paul, Aston, to Ann POWELL and between early 1754 and late 1759 to Elizabeth (surname unknown), my 5 x Great Grandmother. Ann’s second child was Christened in July 1754. Elizabeth’s first child, Thomas, was Christened in December 1759.

Although I have all the other BMDs from Parish Records, I have been unable to locate the burial of Ann and then the subsequent marriage of Oliver to Elizabeth. After a lot of research, I found a burial in St Philip's for an Ann MOULDSWORTH [sic]on 30 July 1757. She is recorded as the wife of Richard. Certainly, MOULDSWORTH is one of the dozen or so variants of MOLESWORTH, and as the family were not regular attendees at St Philip’s, it seems possible that this is her, recorded with clerical errors. But still I can find no marriage to Elizabeth

The idea of looking for Marriage Licences is an excellent one. Although I have the images of the first 2, and there is nothing to suggest a Licence, it is worth checking out, as I have found them in other cases, and they can be spectacularly informative.

I am aware that despite the really excellent new coverage of Birmingham on Ancestry, not every place of worship is covered. Again, I have found one myself which is not imaged on their site. So I will try the Library for Birmingham, when we are next up there (we live in Devon).

Unfortunately, I have found that despite the beautiful new facilities, and despite the fact that library staff in the old Library were wonderful and very knowledgeable, many of the new library staff who appear to be newly recruited, are nervous and hesitant about what they hold. Sadly, several haven't the first idea about how their new technology works, and several also are clearly not at home in the world of genealogy.
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Postby coopernicola » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:14 pm

I can't help with your query but I have found when planning to visit archives in other areas it's an idea to call/email in advance with an outline of your research area. This gives you chance to speak/communicate with one of the more experienced staff before you arrive. I've done this a couple of times (not at Birmingham, though I did so when our new Hull History centre opened as there were lots of staff merged from different archives). I have found that you can really get a lot more done in your visit as well as target one of the staff with an interest in particular area. Good luck.
P.S. Your archive staff in Exeter have to be in my top 5 for helpfulness, and it's a lovely building too!
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