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Garsdon (Wiltshire) Coronation Photo

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Garsdon (Wiltshire) Coronation Photo

Postby eurogordi » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:00 pm

Having near ancestors from the north Wiltshire village of Garsdon, I was excited to see and acquire a photograph on a well-known auction site entitled "Garsdon Coronation" which is printed on the mount. I suspect this was taken at the 1911 Coronation rather than the Coronation of 1902, but would be happy for any comments on the date.

There are definitely one or two familiar faces who appear in family wedding photographs of the same period, although these faces are the "in-laws" to various aunts and uncles rather than my own blood relations so difficult to positively identify. Having said that, there are also family likenesses on the faces of several others who assembled for Coronation Day!

There are just over 100 people in this photograph and the 1901 population of the village had peaked at 169, declining every ten years since then. That means around 60% of the villagers are on this photograph which, I suspect, probably means that most of the local Methodists (my own ancestors) stayed away from an event organised by the Parish (Anglican) Church.

More than 100 years later, it's difficult to imagine the suspicions that used to exist between church and chapel, but I know that these differences were very strong in north Wiltshire and probably other predominantly rural areas as well.
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Garsdon Coronation
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