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Can you help to right a wrong?

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Can you help to right a wrong?

Postby phantomsteve » Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:16 am


I am writing to you to consider signing a petition to the Government, to award a Victoria Cross to a brave D-Day pilot who was recommended, but whom the Air Ministry refused to award it to.

On 5th/6th June 1944 (D-Day), Flying Officer Harvey Edgar Jones (RCAF) was captain of a Dakota of 233 Squadron as part of Operation TONGA (the first wave of paratroop drops). The aircraft was hit by flak, setting it on fire. Jones flew on until the drop was completed and remained with the aircraft until all crew had bailed, dying himself when it crashed.

He was recommended for a Victoria Cross by the Station Commander, by No
46 Group & by AOC Transport Command, but denied it by the Air Ministry.
He received a Mention in Dispatches.

"Jones deliberately sacrificed his life to carry out his orders and to ensure the safety of his crew" (from the VC recommendation statement)

On this 70th anniversary, it is high time to rectify this mistake and posthumously award this hero a VC.

The petition can be signed by people who are either British Citizens and/or normally resident in the UK, and can be found at

I have no connection with this brave pilot, or with the squadron - I read about it in the Royal Air Force's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Club Yearbook, and thought that there must be a way to correct this grievous mistake!

It should be mentioned at this point that by this stage of the 2nd World War, the Ministry and the Prime Minister were concerned that too many VCs were being awarded - they wanted the VC to be seen as exceptional, as the highest honour for this kind of thing.

As a result, in general there were 2 criteria needed for a pilot to be awarded the VC:
1. The mission objectives needed to be met
2. The rest of the crew had to get to safety

The wording in the recommendation mentioned above is, I believe, deliberate - to show that this brave chap had indeed met the two criteria for the award.

Let's see if we can help to get this wrong decision changed!


ps If you are neither a British citizen or resident in the UK, there is a petition at - please consider signing that (non residents/citizens cannot sign the one at ePetitions. If you are a UK citizen/resident, the epetitions is the more "official" one!
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