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'Colourised' Photographic portaits on white tiles.

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'Colourised' Photographic portaits on white tiles.

Postby doddie » Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:26 am

My query is a more general one regrading photo identification. I am researching my Scottish family and my uncle who lives on the West coast of Scotland has discovered two colourised (if that is the right term) photographs that are on white tiles. The images, of a man and a woman, are quite clear though the colouring does not look entirely convincing. From the style of clothes I would guess that the individuals portrayed are possibly from the late victorian/early edwardian period. I am hoping that someone with a broad knowledge of the history of photography might be able to provide a timescale for when the practice of printing photographs on tiles was in fashion. This may help me narrow the field when trying to identify the man and woman concerned.


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