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Thomas Wildman

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Thomas Wildman

Postby kdeering75 » Mon May 26, 2014 2:35 am

In our family we have a Thomas Wildman (married Mary Horne) born about 1729 died August 1775.

Their children:


I've read a lot about Thomas Wildman, he's referred as a friend of John Wilkes and his brother in law John Horne (Tooke).

They married and lived in St Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex, England. He had a business in the area and was referred as a Tavern Owner/Wine Merchant.Their children were born and baptized there. His children were born between 1755-1768. He references 4 children in his will at the time of his death. Theodosia Charlotte, John, Ann* (unsure when born or if middle name), and Thomas Boon.

But along the way there has been some confusion between this Thomas Wildman and another Thomas Wildman (who also owned a tavern, the Lincoln Inn).

There's a reference to Colonel Thomas Wildman (born 1787) as the "nephew" of John Horne "Tooke" but his parents are referenced as Thomas Wildman and Sarah Harding...this being the "OTHER" Thomas Wildman.

Is this just pure coincidence that Thomas Wildman's (mine) and Thomas Wildman (other) have similar this worth pursuing to find if there's a connection?

Any ideas out there...
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Re: Thomas Wildman

Postby HughS » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:15 pm

The "other" Thomas wasn't a innkeeper but a lawyer, Lincoln Inns refers to Lincoln Inn Fields, a square in London where many barristers had their chambers. Although he did start a Gentleman's Club for radical politicians at his home and it is believed that Wilks and Horne were members. and therefore they were friends with the other Thomas.

The other Thomas's family came from Lancs and were farmers, When Thomas was successful he brought his 2 younger brothers (Henry and James) down to London and did some joint business ventures such as buying Jamaican plantations.

He was also an MP but left after one term and his seat was taken by his brother James.

Hope this helps
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