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Quiz genealogists, authors and staff from leading family history organisations in our weekly web chats. Post your questions in advance, or hop on each Friday afternoon to join the conversation live
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Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Wed May 21, 2014 4:08 pm


Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Thu May 22, 2014 8:29 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking forward to answering your questions.

We are a family business, set up by my parents over 20 years ago. We listen, respond and react quickly to our users. Our website has been developed through customer feedback, making it very easy to find your ancestor. You can see Who Do You Think You Are Magazine's independent comparison of genealogy sites here:

Based on the feedback we receive, we have created some great tools to find your ancestor, which we have become well known for:
  • Keyword Search
  • Family Forename Search
  • Address Search
  • Result Mapping
  • Online Family Tree Builder & App
We are currently running a £50 cash back offer, making it just £69.45 for a year's Diamond subscription! Find out more here.

Best Regards,

Mark Bayley
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Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Thu May 22, 2014 12:42 pm

Hi Mark,
welcome to the web chat. I was lucky enough to be awarded a 'Diamond subscription' for a letter to WDYTYA? magazine. I have managed to make valuable use of it and particularly like the 'search by address' function.
I have a couple of points for you.
a) I found by accident, when searching the census a search function that allowed other names ie occupants, I haven't found it since. Where should I be looking?
b) I have been slightly disappointed by the number of census transcription errors, which seem to be pretty basic. I have used the ' ? ' function to comment on the errors. I know how difficult it is, as I helped transcribe pages for family search.
Have you any plans to review any of these areas?

Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Thu May 22, 2014 8:49 pm

Hi Mark

Both Ancestry and FindMyPast permit self-employed professional genealogist to use their sites via the standard subscription rates, however The Genealogist site charges almost £400 for premium access.

Have you considered changing your T&Cs to allow self employed professionals to access the site via the standard subscriptions?

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Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Fri May 23, 2014 1:00 am

I have just joined TheGenealogist having read good reports of it on forums. I am starting with Personal Premium Starter six monthly but find there is very little I can search apart from births, marriages and deaths post 1837 and the census.

The best thing I have found so far is the way the census records can be used to find possible marriages and births etc. Unfortunately, these appear to be only from 1837, hence someone in the census aged 48 in 1841 is not going to be one of the possible marriage or birth options.

I have been looking at the overseas births, marriages and deaths but there seem to be no dates.

If I decided to take the current offer of cashback on full membership so I can benefit from all the records, would I also get a refund of my current starter membership which does not run out until September?

I am confused by the rather complicated sounding credit system on some of the subscriptions. Can you explain this please?

Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Fri May 23, 2014 11:01 am

Hi Mark,
sorry it's me again!
There have been several requests from individuals via e-petitions, to release the 1921 census earlier. I know about the 1920 change which made it 100 years before it can be released.
The last request (article in WDYTYA?) was only signed by 6,471 people. I'm wondering that if the main players in the 'genealogy game' got together, they could have more of a chance of getting an early release.
It would be the last possible chance for most of us older genealogists to view a census. Especially with all the current interest in WW1 and the Government paying for children to visit war graves. There must be a huge amount of changes in 1921 due to WW1 deaths, casualties and the aftermath of the 'flu epidemic.

Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Fri May 23, 2014 12:03 pm

Hi Callbrian, yes our Family and Address search tools are very popular, especially as other sites do not have these features. They come in very handy when hitting a brick wall!

Using the master search, just change the dropdown option from “Person” to “Family”. I recently created a short video explaining the family search here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQgTGap ... 60B0LlUBN9

Our YouTube channel has a lot more helpful videos (http://www.youtube.com/thegenealogistuk), as well as our help pages: https://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/help/

Our transcripts are checked before they are made live. We also have an ongoing project over at http://www.ukindexer.co.uk where volunteers can earn credits by improving our census transcripts. We are always trying to improve our transcriptions and when people highlight errors, these get corrected by our in house experts. If a certain area has a high volume of errors then we review these in more detail. You can send error reports for areas to us here: http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/contact/?category=4

Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Fri May 23, 2014 12:09 pm

Hi Martin, We have unique resources and search tools which make us popular with professionals. We have a special offer for professionals at the moment just use this link: http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/nameind ... ode=PRO100

Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Fri May 23, 2014 12:16 pm

Hi Millst,

The Starter sub is the most basic subscription available. It’s price gives you the best value access to census and BMDs available online. As an existing subscriber, I can offer you £20 off an upgrade to our Diamond subscription using this link: http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/upgrade ... e=WHOMAY14 we would also refund the remaining time left on your Starter subscription.

The Starter, Gold and Diamond subscriptions are all credit free, if there was a particular credit based subscription you’d like to know more about, please let me know which one.

Re: Mark Bayley (TheGenealogist)

Fri May 23, 2014 12:18 pm

Thanks Mark,
l will take a look at the you tube links.
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