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Duplicate Topic 12 Lamb Lane, Greenwich

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Duplicate Topic 12 Lamb Lane, Greenwich

Postby BrianC48 » Fri May 16, 2014 9:53 am

I posted a request for help in the General Research Queries forum on Monday 12 May at 5.09 p.m. I checked the following day to see if anybody had replied, I sent a message to JaneyH thanking her for her response. This morning I received via email WDYTYA newsletter and in the "From the forum" saw my request for help, this prompted me to look at it in the online forum.

My query today is there are two 12 Lamb Lane postings from me 1) dated Monday 12 May at 5.09 p.m. with responses from callbrian and junkers. 2) dated Tuesday 13 May at 5.08 p.m. with responses from brunes08 and JaneyH. How has this duplicate posting occurred? Can they be merged into on posting? My posting recorded in the newsletter is slightly different to what I made on Monday 12 May, looks as if it has been reformatted for spelling and grammar presentation. The reply that I am totally convinced I sent to JaneyH does not appear in either of the duplicate items, has this been removed or somehow lost in the system?

I did have a problem when creating the help request, as usual before sending I looked at the message Preview which would not let me submit the message, to overcome this after try to submit for a couple of times I printed the original/preview message on 12 May, logged off and logged on after a few minutes expecting to recreate the help request and was surprised and pleased to see it was already there.

Any thoughts/comments on how this occurred and what to do if I can not submit from the preview happens again would be appreciated.

Thanks, Brian C
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