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Emma Pearce born 1880 in Steeple Ashton

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Emma Pearce born 1880 in Steeple Ashton

Postby jir87 » Wed May 14, 2014 10:22 pm

I am trying to trace a distant cousin called Emma Pearce. Emma was born in 1880 in Steeple Ashton in Wiltshire and her parents were Albert Pearce, born 1855 in Edington, and Georgina Ann Line, born 1858 in Steeple Ashton.

Emma appears with her parents on both the 1881 and 1891 censuses, after which I cannot trace her. I know that she was alive in 1903, as she gave birth to a daughter, called Ethel Mary Pearce, on 16th November 1903 in Westbury Workhouse in Wiltshire. This information comes off a copy of the birth certificate obtained by a great granddaughter of Emma, who is searching for information on her Pearce family background. Emma is stated to be a domestic servant on the certificate, and there is no father’s name entered.

On the census record for Emma’s parents in 1911, Albert and Georgina state that they have had eight children during their marriage, of whom seven are still alive and one has died. This information tallies with the information I have on the children at that time, with one of Emma’s sisters, Rose or Rosa having died in 1905. Taken on face value, this would appear to confirm that Emma was alive at the time of the 1911 census.

The child, Ethel Mary Pearce appears in the 1911 census as Ethel Coomber, with her parents there being named as Henry and Amelia Coomber, and they are living in Bath. When Ethel Mary gets married in 1935, she marries under the name of Ethel Mary Pearce to a man called Andow. When Amelia Coomber dies, the informant is named as Ethel Mary Andow, said to be Amelia’s daughter, and thus proving the link as far as I can see. How, and why, Ethel Mary comes to be with the Coombers is a mystery, with members of that family also trying to trace the reason, as well.

Obviously, with Emma alive in 1903, she should appear in the 1901 census at least, and if the family information regarding the living children given by her parents on the 1911 census is correct, she should also appear on that census as well, even if she had married in between times. And this is the problem – I cannot trace her in either of these censuses. I have checked both of these censuses for an Emma Pearce, with variations, and have been able to discount all the ones that come up as not being her. There appears to be no marriage record for her, or indeed a death record, between 1903 and 1911, or beyond, come to that.

I wonder if, although her parents believe her to be alive, that she has died between 1903 and 1911, possibly even around the time of the birth of her daughter. This may well explain the fact that Ethel Mary winds up in the care of the Coombers. In my experience, illegitimate children are usually brought up by the mother’s family, either by her parents or a sibling, as I have quite a few examples of this within my family tree.

Any help at all on this would be most appreciated, both by myself and also by Emma’s great granddaughter.
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Re: Emma Pearce born 1880 in Steeple Ashton

Postby callbrian » Thu May 15, 2014 6:08 am

have you considered Emma Pearce b 1884 age 17, Westbury, parlour maid domestic. 2, Downfield Rd, Clifton, Bristol ?
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Re: Emma Pearce born 1880 in Steeple Ashton

Postby jir87 » Thu May 15, 2014 10:01 am

Hi Brian

Many thanks for that - I have actually checked out the Emma Pearce in Bristol in 1901, but believe she is actually another Emma, born in Westbury Leigh in 1884.

Thank you for your help - I will keep looking!

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Re: Emma Pearce born 1880 in Steeple Ashton

Postby ianbee » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:07 pm

This case was "revived" by a spammer, whose unwelcome post has thankfully been removed.
However, nearly four years on, can some progress be made?
I even had a look at the ancestry family trees to see if anyone had anything new! Seem to be about four featuring Emma, all they have is that she was born sometime in 1880.

There are a couple of school records for Emma Pearce at Steeple Ashton Church of England School.
They give her date of birth as 29 May 1880.

So, looking for an Emma on the 1939 Register with the appropriate d-o-b
6 Princes Street, Bath C.B.
John Stephens, born 19 Apl 84, Married, Mason
Edward Bracker, born 29 Nov 74, Married, Unemployed Stableman
Emma Bracker, born 29 May 80, Married, Unpaid Domestic Duties

Didn't find anything as Bracker, and it turns out the name should have been Bracher!
Looking for Mr Bracher in the 1911 census found an Edwin rather than Edward. Living in Bath, the household is interesting.
5 North Parade Passage
Alfred Daniels Head 38 Married Gardener, born Dunkerton Som
Emma Daniels Wife 30 Married 3 years, 3 children born, 2 living, born Trowbridge Wilts
Edwin Bracher Boarder 25 Single Groom Bath Southampton
Reginald Pearce Son 5 School Westbury Wilts
Alfred Eward Daniels Son 11 months Bath Somerset

Sequence of events here appears to be
June 1905 Wesbury 5a 135
Pearce, Reginald George
mother —

March 1908 Bath 5c 918
Daniels, Alfred
Pearce, Emma
Bath BMD says at Bath Register Office or Approved Premises

June 1910 Bath 5c 507
Daniels, Alfred Edward
mother Pearce
Baptized 16 October 1910, at St James Bath. Born 3rd May, abode 5 North Parade Passage. Father a Butcher.

Sep 1921 Bath 5c 546
Daniels, Alfred
age 47

Probate Calendar says butcher's assistant, 2 Woodbine-cottages Widcombe Bath, died 11 July 1921, probate granted to Frank Daniels, farmer. Alfred from Dunkerton had a younger brother Frank.

Emma and Alfred Daniels were indeed at 2 Woodbine Place on the Bath electoral registers. Emma continues being listed there until 1930.

Dec 1930 Bath 5c 1351
Bracher, Edwin - spouse Daniels
Daniels, Emma - spouse Bracker

Bath BMD has that marriage as Edwin Bracher to Emma Daniels / Emma Barce! Hopefully that's a misreading.

Dec 1958 Bath 7c 40
Bracher, Emma
age 78
Buried 5 Nov 1958 at Haycombe Cemetery, Bath (Bracker on Bath Burial Index)

So, if this is the correct Emma, then in 1911 she couldn't have been living far away from her daughter Ethel Mary and the Coombers!
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Re: Emma Pearce born 1880 in Steeple Ashton

Postby jir87 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:25 am

Hi Ian

You are a star! This is indeed the Emma we have been looking for with no success for so long. Thank you so much, you have solved our mystery.

Sorry that I have not answered you sooner but it is only over the last few days that I have come back to looking at Emma. I am sure that her surviving descendants will be as pleased with your research as I am.

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