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Medal Card - P of W

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Medal Card - P of W

Postby hobbsp » Fri Apr 18, 2014 5:33 pm

My Great Great Uncle Lionel Arthur Hobbs 1886 - 1954 Northumberland Fusiliers number 6035 has the usual medals but also "P of W" what does this mean ?

he served in India before returning for WWI. As far as I know he was not a prisoner of war.
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Re: Medal Card - P of W

Postby Sylcec » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:19 am

Interesting to see you say that he had "the usual medals" as he also received the "Clasp and Roses" awarded in addition to the 1914 Star for serving under fire during this early period of the war. The Long Long Trail describes it thus:
"A bar clasp inscribed "5 Aug. to 22 Nov. 1914" was given to all those who qualified for the 1914 Star and who served under fire. Since the same ribbon is used with the 1914-15 Star, holders of the 1914 Star were permitted to wear a small silver rosette on their ribbon when the decoration itself is not worn. On the medal index cards this is usually noted as the "Clasp and Roses" or "C&R" .It was necessary to apply for the issue of the clasp. "

Lionel Arthur Hobbs has had a most interesting service - having joined in 1900 as a boy soldier. His service/pension papers are available on . He was in France for 4 years - seems like a very long tour of duty under active hostility, and in fact I had to look through all pages of his service record until I got to one (I think 17 of 19 pages) which stated "Prisoner of War" - there are P of W entries against 2 dates: 21/10/14 and 17/10/16 - which almost suggests that he may have spent most of his time in France as a P oW. To find more you may need to consult the war diary for the Northumberland Fusiliers during the time when Lionel first went to France.
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Re: Medal Card - P of W

Postby Sylcec » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:22 am

Just a bit more about WWI PoW records, again from The Long Long Trail - look at this page of the site: and note the range of record sources referred to. Eventually you may need to contact the Red Cross in Switzerland.
Good luck!
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Re: Medal Card - P of W

Postby hobbsp » Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:09 pm

Hi, Thank you - I have now found loads of information in this site.

Lionel Arthur Hobbs Military total service 19 years and 23 days
1886 – 13 Feb Born Brenchley
1886 – 25 Mar Baptised Brenchley
1887 – 6 May Travel to Canada
1892 – Return to UK with mum but not with dad
1900 – 15 Mar Military Enlist age 14
1901 – Kneller Hall Twickenham music school - playing the flute
1906 – Military - India 2 years 118 days
1909 – Military - UK furlo 172 days
1909 – Military India Rawalpindi 4 years 58 days
1911 - Indian Durban coronation medal.
1911 – 14 Jun Married Alice Rachel Philpott
1912 – 8 Nov Daughter Elsie Alice Eleanor Hobbs Bombay India
1913 – Military UK Furlo
1914 – Military France 4 years 128 days
1914 – 24 Aug Captured in France
1915 – 15 June Prisoner of War Senne France
1917 – 20 Dec Prisoner of War Holland
1917 - Medals - Victory, British War, 14 Star Clasp of Roses.
1919 – Military return to UK
1954 – Death Thanet

He had a child but I have not been able to trace any descendents.

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Re: Medal Card - P of W

Postby graham hobbs » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:28 am

Hi Philip. I believe I have some answers for you. I am Grandson of Lionel Arthur Hobbs, all of whose details you seem to have and tally with my records. Lionel Did indeed have a second wife after Alice Philpott died in childbirth having Alic (my Uncle) which is why his name was spelt like that.
There were Elsie, Vera and Alic. Lionel then married Lily May Coward, my paternal Grandmother and gave birth to Arthur Frank Hobbs in Jan 1927. Arthur married Joan Eileen Dewis whilst doing national service in RAF. My sister Gillian born 1950. Me Graham John Born 1952, Geoffrey Frank 1954, Roger Michael 1956 and Sally Jane 1963. Of these Graham has two daughters and two grandchildren. Geoff has one son, Roger has one son and a grandson.

So by all means e mail if you wish I can try to fit things into spaces for you.

Please confirm was your father called William???. My Dad spoke often about an Uncle but said he only saw him a few times????. Please advise more details of the family at your end????
Kind regards
Graham Hobbs
graham hobbs
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