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Accessing original images via FTM 2010

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Accessing original images via FTM 2010

Postby florna » Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:54 pm

I am using FTM 2010 and I have an Ancestry account.
My problem has only occurred in the last few days.Up to then I have had no problem for years!
When I click to view an original image of say a Census or Baptism record using the FTM I get a BLACK screen. If I click 'Related content' the loading symbol just revolves clockwise 'for ever'!
If I view the index at the bottom of the screen I get the info I need listed but no image!
If I use the Ancestry website separately for the same data, I get a perfect image and ready for saving.
Does anyone have an answer to solve my problem please?
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