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The findmypast site has been trashed

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The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby bobbobbob » Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:11 am

Well it's now 3rd April 2014 and the new findmypast site format has just been in effect for a day or two, and the findmypast site feedback forum is flooded with complaints from disaffected and outraged findmypast customers.

Mainly on the findmypast feedback forum message on the link below.

www dot feedback dot findmypast dot co dot uk/forums/222583-ideas-and-improvements/suggestions/5649598-improve-features-to-bring-in-line-with-the-old-sit

Most of the message comments are similarly themed, we loath the new site format, it's tediously obscure and difficult and unintuitive to use, the way the search results are presented is unsatisfactory, the site has been ruined, we want the old format restored, we intend to not renew our subscription payments if the site changes aren't reversed.

Basically all of the customers are saying that a formerly very good and easy to use site has been trashed by the introduction of unneeded and unwanted and badly implemented changes to the site.

I challenge anyone to read some of those customer comments and then to a) find any positive comments amongst them, and then b) to find anything positive to say about the findmypast site in it's present new format.
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby Guy » Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:53 am

First let me say I do not subscribe to Findmypast so cannot give an opinion of the new site versus the old. However as sites develop changes have to be made otherwise everything grinds to a halt.
Yes it seems errors may have been made, perhaps changes should have been made in a different way, but that might not have been possible.

Perhaps this message from FMP, posted by a subscriber to another forum will help.

"Thanks for getting in touch with your feedback. We're actively working to bring improvements to the new site, the first set of which went live yesterday. These include:

- A new way to browse every single record set available on the site. You can access that here:
- New search options across all our main categories and subcategories
- The ability to sort all the results for every type of search we offer
- Improvements to category and individual census search forms

These improvements are just the start, and we hope to continue to release regularly updates, based on the feedback users such as yourself are providing. So please continue to try these improvements, and let us know you thoughts. We've also launched a page where you can keep track of the changes and improvements we make as they go live, which you can access here anytime:

Paul Dunlop
findmypast Product Manager "
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby Editor » Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:05 pm

This is the statement I've been given from the CEO at findmypast Annelies van den Belt:

"The new findmypast site is designed to provide you with an improved service. We did a great deal of consultation and research and have now put the technology in place to be able to provide millions more records, a more powerful and accurate search, and a better user experience. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback, but we also acknowledge that there are some fixes still to be made. We recognise that some of the features you rely on most have not transferred smoothly, and we are working hard to resolve those issues as quickly as we can.

I want to thank you for all your valuable insights and your patience. Please do continue to send your feedback to us via our Feedback Forum or by clicking on the light bulb icon on the site. All comments will be recorded and dealt with as quickly as possible.

On behalf of everyone here at findmypast, thank you for your expert insights and your continued support."
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby AstroKeith » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:44 pm

Readers need to be aware that the FMP Feedback forum is being censored. I started an "idea" that was beginning to gain very strong support and was in the top 5, but they have just "merged" it with another idea.
My idea was to run the old site in parallel until they get the new one sorted. They have merged it with another idea which is to "bring the old features into the new site."
Their whole attitude in what responses they have made so far are to play down the difficulties and state they will be fixed "soon". However, in the meantime the site is unusable for any serious research.
Many other forum users are reporting that their comments are being removed.
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:10 am

In fairness, if you have 100 topics saying the same thing, your only option is to merge them, though I agree the 2 ideas you list are not the same.

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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby meekhcs » Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:16 pm

Last year I started a thread regarding the collaboration between Family search and FindMyPast which I think is relevant to this post.

FMP is trying to run before it can walk. It wants to portray itself as a genuine rival to Ancestry,and hopefully attract Ancestry subscribers to it's own site. Sadly I think the opposite will happen.

It has announced that millions of new records will be added to it's site, when in reality it is unable to deliver already promised records on time. The records from Familysearch are not actually new records.

The website was unable to cope with the influx of records and constantly crashed. It has now rushed through a revamp of its site but without ironing out all the bugs, and the result is a mess.

FMP was a good site but seems to have lost its way.

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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby lesleyplant » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:34 am

Sadly, I have to say that I agree with the post. Of course it's good to update things from time to time, but it seems crazy to get rid of really good formats in favour of less helpful ones. The initial results screen delivered by the basic search IS certainly interesting, especially if you don't actually get too many results, as you can now sometimes see records for the same person grouped together, especially with the date info display. However - it takes forever to appear! and if you go and look at the detail, it then takes forever to return to the results screen. The detail views: transcription formats have been modified, and (in my view) not for the better. Census in particular is peculiar, with the individuals split so that the person you searched on is not in the list with the others. Printing the page uses the top third of each sheet for FMP standard info, so practically everything now requires 2 pages - wasteful and irritating. The image viewer is peculiar - I won't be using it if I can get the same thing elsewhere. I haven't tried everything yet - it takes too long to respond, and I got thoroughly fed up, and gave up.
And yes, I did feed back my disappointment & comments to FMP, both on the forum and with a direct email. Let's hope the website managers take note of the responses from the people who have paid for something which we are no longer getting. I loved FMP before - give it back!
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby Flossieb » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:46 am

I would love to be able to login - I went to the new site official page and tried to login in but was transferred to another findmypast page which was static/frozen, it wouldn't even recognise my password - but just in case, I reset the password - the site still doesn't recognise my email or the new password and I still get a static/ frozen page - (even after clearing the cache/history) this has been going on since last Thursday - I have even rung the official telephone number a few times - but have been kept hanging on for nearly half an hour, waiting in line for my turn - (obviously to complain!) - I have been a member of FindMyPast since 2007 and have a subscription until November. If this mess carries on for the next few weeks, I will not be renewing again - I hope Brightsolid are listening.. :mrgreen:
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby Jon Bauckham » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:08 pm

Hello folks,

The Q&A with findmypast is now published here:
http://www.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine. ... -criticism

Many thanks,
I've now left Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine. Please contact regarding any forum queries.
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Re: The findmypast site has been trashed

Postby Millst » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:57 pm

I had problems on FindMyPast about a month ago. I could log on to the site but it didn't recognise my subscription (valid until Sept 2014) and had taken down all my saved records. Disaster. However, after I had sent a couple of messages, they did sort it out in a day or two. I need it for the British Library India Office Records and Military records from TNA.
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