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Salvation Army Plates

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Salvation Army Plates

Postby eurogordi » Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:00 am

As a former member of the Salvation Army, I was fascinated by the article on page 33 of issue 1 that gave information about the history behind two commemorative plates. However, I must point out an unfortunate error in the response given by Martyn Downer, where he states that the Salvation Army began in 1879.

William & Catherine Booth originally founded the East London Christian Mission in 1865, although this movement became more well known as just the Christian Mission. In May 1878 William Booth was reading through the proofs of the Mission's annual report and was concerned with the words "The Christian Mission ... is a Volunteer Army".

Calling on his son, Bramwell Booth, and friend George Railton, the word 'Volunteer' was crossed out and replaced by 'Salvation'. The proofs went to print with the new word and The Salvation Army was named as a result, quickly igniting evangelical fervour throughout the summer of 1878.

Incidentally, 1878 also saw the first Salvation Army band when the Fry family, then members of Alderbury Methodist Chapel, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, took their chapel instruments into the cathedral city to initially provide some protection to the early Salvationists as well as accompany the singing.

The Fry family were known to my late mother's family who attended nearby Whiteparish Methodist Chapel, while my late uncle purchased Ebenezer Cottage at Alderbury where the Fry's lived before moving away to follow their religious convictions.

It was my uncle who renamed the Fry's family home Fuchsia Cottage during the 1930s and it still stands in the gravelled High Street to this day. Alderbury Methodist Chapel stood at the end of High Street, but was demolished nearly 40 years ago.

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