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FindMyPast-quote from Paul Yates Head of FMP-subs extension

Thu May 22, 2014 12:56 pm

Paul Yates sent an email to a subscriber which has been reproduced on the Can't-Find-My-Past Facebook page. In the email he stated "... the business is completely focussed on delivering a 5 star family history service to all of our customers. We feel we have made some progress over the past six weeks but are not satisfied that we have resolved all of your specific issues. Over the coming weeks we will be re-configuring all of our search, results and transcript screens to ensure they are optimised to deliver relevant results and are consistent. We would hope to complete this piece of work over the next four weeks along with a number of other improvements including British newspaper downloads which is due to go live this week. We will also be creating a brand new search navigation in beta format for our customer participation group to user test. Our overall aim is not to replicate the old site but to deliver a vastly improved customer experience at the same time as publishing millions of new records for our customers to enjoy."

This subscriber was coming to the end of their 2 month FOC extension, which FMP had given out to some subscribers due to the problems surrounding the implementation of the new site. They have now been given a further one month extension. So, if anyone would like to have a further extension on either their existing subscription or the initial extension, it appears that a precedent has been set and you should therefore be granted one if you request it.
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Re: Find My Past New Website

Thu May 22, 2014 1:02 pm

Thanks for the update, Margaret.

Best wishes,

FindMyPast - subscription refunds - now available on request

Tue May 27, 2014 7:23 pm

One of FMP's subscribers has received an email from the Head of Customer Services at FMP. This was in response to a question relating to the inconsistency in which some people were being refunded their subscription and others were being refused. The email and source referred to can be seen on the Facebook page of Can't-Find-My-Past dated 27 May, which shows that it was copied over from a post on FMP's Facebook page dated the same day. The post is shown in full below with comments from the original submitter:

"Our usual refund policy still stands but if our customers feel that they are still not able to fully utilise their findmypast membership, and do not wish to take advantage of a further free extension, we are prepared to cancel the subscription and reimburse the outstanding balance."

When asked if all the customer support staff would be able to authorise a refund or an extension she wrote back almost immediately saying “Yes, our Customer Support team can authorise an extension to a subscription or a cancellation and reimbursement, if that is what the customer has asked for.”

So if anyone has previously been refused either an extension or a refund, they need to write again and ask for one or the other and it should now be approved.

FMP rubbing caustic soda in the wounds - never mind salt!

Thu May 29, 2014 6:33 pm

Well, after FMP finally agreed to refund or extend subscriptions this past week, one could almost think that they were properly getting their act together and doing their best to make things right by their customers. And then...........

Lo and behold, on 29 May, FMP put out an offer for a 50% discount on a year's British subscription to NEW subscribers.

Words absolutely fail me in the utter disgust I feel about this. We are back to square one with them trampling roughshod over people. Have they learnt nothing??? Do they understand anything???

A totally contemptible action.
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