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Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

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Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby zena » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:05 pm

I am looking for any information regarding Mary Eliza Ann Rampton before her marriage to William Hutchings. She married William on the 4th December 1877 in the parish of St. Stephen, Westminster, Middlesex. I have been able to trace her from her marriage but I have not been able to trace her birth or trace her on any following census after her birth in approx 1848, her place of birth on the 1881 census after her marriage was Middlesex. She has put down on her marriage certificate that her fathers name was George Rampton, deceased, Farrier.

The only George Rampton who was a blacksmith in London died in 1842. Although George's wife was called Mary Ann. I have also not been able to find Mary Ann since the last record I have obtained which was her name on the death certificate of her son in Dec 1842, that she was in attendance at his death. From then she has disappeared.

Can any one help track her down or know any information which may help me.

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Re: Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby ritah » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:41 pm

Mary's birth certainly isn't recorded in the usual places. Have you considered that her father George might have been in the army, specifically those units which used horses. The term farrier refers specifically to someone who workes with horses, shoeing etc. A blacksmith works in metal but makes many items of which horse shoes would be just one. If George was in the army he could have served abroad and Mary was born during one of his overseas tours.

Good luck

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Re: Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby sdup26 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:59 pm

Good call Ritah, but unfortunately I can't find Mary EA in Army births, nor George in Army records. There's a George Rampton b1809, a horse keeper, born Hampshire but living in Middlesex in the 1851 census, wife Sarah, but no Mary Eliza - their daughter was Mary Jane b1844.

What was William's occupation? Were William and Mary EA still in Middlesex in 1881? If so, what was their address?
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Re: Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby ColinB » Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:09 pm

I see that Mary Eliza Ann Rampton spinster 28 married William Hutchings 39 , Private Gren. Guards,
4 Dec 1877 at St Stephen , Rochester Row. Four years earlier , on 29 June 1873 at the same church , a Mary Ann Pratt 23 , spinster , married George Rampton 31 , a Private in the Coldstream Guards. George's father was George Rampton , a blacksmith. Could Mary Ann Pratt be Mary Eliza Ann ? Perhaps she and George Rampton parted and she wished to marry again and concealed her true circumstances .

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Re: Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby zena » Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:49 pm

Thank you Colin.

Mary Ann Pratt married George Rampton who was the son of the George Rampton (Blacksmith). They never parted and were together up to her husbands death in 1900.

I have been researching the Rampton family for many years.

From various information I have, I have a hunch that Mary Eliza Ann Rampton may be the daughter of Mary Ann Rampton who was married to George Rampton who died in 1842. As I previous said after extensive research I have not been able to trace the whereabouts of Mary Ann Rampton the wife of George (died 1842) after the death of her son in 1842. Mary Ann lost her husband, one son and her daughter all in the year 1842. One son died in 1853 at the age of 21. Her surviving son was George Rampton. I think (but have no evidence yet) that Mary Eliza Rampton was the illigitimate daughter of Mary Ann Rampton and was told/or believed that her father was George Rampton who her mother was married to.

I know it sounds like a wild goose chase. But as I have said I know this family very well and just need that bit of extra luck in finding out the truth. Even if I am totally wrong it would be nice to know whom Mary Eliza Ann Rampton was.

Thank you all of the people who have answered my post.

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Re: Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby ScottyHutch » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:20 am

Hi All,

I realise that this is quite an old post, but I’ve also hit the same stumbling block in that Mary Eliza Ann Rampton appears to be born after the death of her father, her Husband William Hutchings doesn’t appear to exist before joining the Grenadier Guards in 1857 and her mother Mary Weaver just disappears.
I’ve had some great help from a lady call Teresa who discovered this post.
I was wondering if anybody has made any progress in the years since this post was active?
Between Teresa and myself we have made some progress/have some theories so I want to see if anybody else has come to these conclusions.
I’ll start by explaining my relationship to them, William Hutchings and Mary Eliza Ann Rampton are my 3x Great Grandparents.
Their Son William Christopher Benjamin Hutchings is my 2x Great Grandfather,
His Son Arthur Thomas Hutchings is my Great Grandfather,
His Son Albert Robin Hutchings is my Grandfather,
His Son Garry Robin Hutchings is my Father,
I am Scott Robin Hutchings.
Here is what I have found so far starting with William Hutchings and Mary Eliza Ann Hutchings.

William Hutchings was born in 1837/8 in Guernsey, I am unable to locate any record of birth but I have his military records from when he was in the Grenadier Guards as confirmed on his marriage certificate. He was wed to Mary and they appear together on Census records from 1871 until his death.
I have been unable to determine anything about his father William Hutchings who is listed on his marriage certificate.
Mary Eliza Ann Rampton is a bit of a mystery as before the marriage there is not record of her to be found with the Rampton surname. She appears in the 1881 census with William and her daughter Rose in Battersea as Hutchings but nothing with the Rampton name before that.
We have a theory though, it may seem like a large number or coincidences but the more we dig the more we find.

George Rampton can’t be her father as she was born after he died, but maybe Mary Ann Weaver was still her mother.
Coincidence 1:
We firstly hunted for another Mary Eliza Ann that was born in 1847 as surely, she couldn’t have made up everything about herself on the wedding certificate.
We found a birth/baptism record in Chelsea from 1847 of a Mary Eliza Ann Sharratt who’s mother is Mary Ann Weaver and father is Samuel Sharratt.

We found Census records of Samuel, Mary Ann and Mary Eliza Ann in Chelsea in 1851, 1861 and 1871 where the ages seemed to add up.

Maybe Mary Ann Weaver had met Samuel Sharratt after the passing of George Rampton and gave birth to Mary Eliza Ann?

Coincidence 2:
After not finding any other links between the 2 I thought I’d try a different approach and see if I could track down the witnesses on William and Mary Eliza Anns marriage record.
These were George and Emily Daykin, after a very brief search I found a marriage record for them in Kensington in 1876 where Emily’s maiden name was listed as Sharratt.

So could Emily and Mary Eliza Ann be related?

Coincidence 3:
I began building out a tree for George & Emily Daykin starting from the marriage record.
Although there are no fathers listed it did say that George was a soldier.
I discovered that George Daykin was a soldier in the Grenadier Guards, as was William Hutchings.
So it’s possible that they both met the Sharratt’s while posted at the London barracks.
This makes me think that I have the right George & Emily Daykin.

Coincidence 4:
Before my Granddad Albert Robin passed away I got him to do the Ancestry DNA test.
When searching for surnames in DNA matches trees I get quite a few distant matches for Sharratt, Weaver and Rampton.

With this in mind if the Mary Ann Weaver is correct the Census shows she was born in Montgomeryshire, Wales,
I have found a birth/baptism record to match to show she was born in 1808 for Christopher and Elizabeth Weaver.
How she came to meet George Rampton in Hampshire before ending up in London is beyond me.

I also can’t explain why Mary Eliza Ann would have taken the Rampton name and also named George Rampton as her father instead of Samuel if this is indeed her.

I found that there were also some Sharratt’s listed in the army barracks of the Coldstream Guards in London who were linked with the Grenadier Guards so that is where I am looking at the moment to see if there is any relation.
I apologise if this comes across as a bit of a rant, but this has been driving me crazy for a while now.
I have a tree on Ancestry that you are welcome to look at to help confirm facts or tell me where I’ve gone wrong as any pointers of help would be greatly appreciated!
Equally if anybody has made progress since this thread went quiet, please message me and let me know what you have found.
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Re: Mary Eliza Ann Rampton

Postby ScottyHutch » Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:23 pm

Hi all,

Just in case anybody comes across this post in the future that is also researching Mary Eliza Ann Rampton, we have now worked out who Mary Eliza Ann was after some extensive research between myself and a group of others.

See attached summary of research for details.
The story of Mary Eliza Ann Rampton.jpg
Mary Eliza Ann Rampton
The story of Mary Eliza Ann Rampton.jpg (1.76 MiB) Viewed 496 times

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