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Postby junkers » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:40 pm

ancestry have according to their list on their search page a copy of the Home Office document (HO 45/24665) from The National Archives (TNA) which lists according to ancestry women arrested (which is what TNA had on their catalogue until recently, even though it includes a number of men and those not arrested or even at the event!). This copy actually also includes other records from TNA, e.g. the possibility of releasing Mary Richardson who was regarded as a person who would most probably go on to engage in further crimes, and I am certain that that is not in the document at TNA as I have seen the separate file on Richardson at TNA, I am awaiting confirmation from TNA that the HO file does not contain the documents that ancestry have stated that it does. I am 99.99% sure it does not contain all the documents ancestry have said and published as such, if I am correct it is very misleading by ancestry, why they copied the empty pages is beyond me. Incidentally there is one individual (Bethell) who is also listed as 'Martyr' who was neither arrested, nor dead (as stated by one of his brothers) as the 'deceased' was living in Canada where he apparently died in the 1950s and not interred at Brockley Cemetery in south-east London in November 1913!. The motto is to never believe at face value what is said to be the case, especially in the Press or even in Government records, especially TNA's catalogue, in a recent case a memorial in 1988 to the fall of the Berlin Wall when it was still standing!.
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