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Una Stubbs' episode

Share your thoughts on the most recent series of the show, which features the likes of Sarah Millican, Nick Hewer and Gary Lineker

Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby coopernicola » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:23 pm

ChristopherHowell92 wrote:I too enjoyed this episode as, indeed, I have enjoyed previous programmes, but oh, how I wish that there could be some indication of HOW the results are found. It seems too 'pat' to just arrive upon the scene and be presented with something 'which I think you will find interesting' without actually showing the process involved. Please WDYTYA do show us the whole process otherwise the series will be just that, a series, without proper help and substance to those of us who continue to search. Be fair to 'new' searchers!

Would it be possible to add a banner, across the bottom of the screen, stating which resources were used. Or maybe even 'Red button' information with added commentary about resources. This was done for Strictly Come Dancing.

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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby KarenBC » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:07 pm

Hi, All. I know this was a few years ago but I wanted to let you know about my brick wall related to Una Stubbs, in case you can offer suggestions. Long shot, I know.

My GF is the Albert born to Annie Robinson in the workhouse in 1903, father unnamed known, my GGF and brick wall #1. Una's father Clarence (or Clary as he was known by family) was Arthur Stubb's son, born 5 years later.

Brick wall #2: Annie Robinson's mother is purported to be Eliza (Lizzie) in the show but there is no source/citation to verify this, as discussed in other posts. Some of my family have made trees with Eliza, a daughter of an Edward Robinson, but again, I have no verification and therefore have not added him either.

Years ago, I contacted the show's producers who put me in touch with the genealogists used but they had not more information. I suspect they continued along Arthur's line as Annie's was too difficult!!

I suspect that the mystery will only be solved with DNA and both my father and I have tested. No clues yet but I keep searching for surnames tat I don't recognise now that my tree has 5 -6 generations of ancestors.
Any feedback or advice?
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby 2012girl » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:00 am

Hi Karen,

I fear your reply/request for info may get lost on the board as this particular thread is almost 5 years old now. I must admit I cannot recall anything about the episode and what info was shown etc, when I replied previously it was off the back of watching it so everything was fresh in my memory and we no longer have the show to consult for details. I would suggest you create a new post under the 'general research inquiries', referencing this thread, and stating what you know and wish to find out and I'm sure it will generate more interest and hopefully some helpful replies for you.

Am I right in thinking that Eliza Robinson had a daughter named Annie, who was adopted by the Horsfall family? Nobody was really sure about who Eliza was, and what happened to her?

I mentioned a couple of potential marriages in a previous post. Just a bit of a follow up on that. The Eliza Robinson/Francis Fieldhouse marriage is online:

26th Mar 1885 at St. Thomas, York

Francis Fieldhouse, full age, widower, a lithographic printer of Wrangthorn, Leeds. Father: Francis Fieldhouse, clothweaver
Eliza Robinson, full age, spinster of Newboro' Street, York. Father: Edward Robinson, cloth finisher

An Alice Robinson was a witness.

There is a family tree on Ancestry, which may be the one you mentioned, that seem to have this Eliza as the mother of Annie but I'm not sure if they are jumping to the wrong conclusions. They seem to have attached an Edward Robinson, school master, from York to the tree which is quite different to a cloth finisher, and though there is an Alice in that family there doesn't appear to be a daughter named Eliza. There are also some passenger/crew lists for Francis Fieldhouse that don't look right either. There certainly doesn't appear to be anything conclusive to say it is the correct Eliza.

Francis Fieldhouse was born in Leeds in 1828. In 1891 he is as a boarder in Leeds, age 63 and down as being married but no wife living with him. His first marriage to Mary Ann Thompson on 15th Apr 1850 has a witness named Eliza Robinson, just a co-incidence? There is a death in Mar 1901, Leeds which looks like him.

If Eliza was even remotely close in age to Francis (she may not have been, of course) she's unlikely to have been the mother of Annie, born in 1884. I'm tempted to think she may be the Eliza Robinson born 2nd Jan 1830, Leeds to Edward & Ann Robinson, father was a cloth dresser and there was a sister Alice too. It could possibly be her living in Filey in 1881, age 51, born Leeds and a boarder on Queen Street, unmarried and a housekeeper. Then in 1891 on Queen Street, Filey is an Eliza Fieldhouse, age 61, born Leeds, married but no husband present and living on her own means (this is when Francis is in Leeds with no wife with him) Not conclusive but I'm just not convinced that they are the right family at all.

Doesn't help you trace the right Eliza but these things have to be looked at and eliminated. If you do start a new thread I will post this info there too and hopefully a few more ideas may pop up!

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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby ianbee » Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:17 pm

2012girl wrote:I must admit I cannot recall anything about the episode and what info was shown etc, when I replied previously it was off the back of watching it so everything was fresh in my memory and we no longer have the show to consult for details.

To get everyone(?) in the mood
Register of Births in the York Workhouse (this book was featured in the episode!)
Albert Horsfall, born 12 Oct 1903 ... cat=788788

Religious creed register has admission of Anne Horsfall on 30 Sep (plus birth of Albert) ... cat=788788

More stuff for him online.
Now here is a novelty! York Vaccination Register featuring Annie Robinson born 11 Nov 1884. Mother Eliza ... cat=788788

School record for Annie Horsfall, born 11.11.84 ... cat=788869
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