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Changes to Ancestry membership payments

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Changes to Ancestry membership payments

Postby annfaml » Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:56 pm

Hi All
Has anyone else recently had problems with their membership. My account was cut off a few days ago despite my order history showing a direct debit payment on 20th July. This payment was not taken from my bank not was there any attempt to take it. When I spoke to their customer service they said that the company as a whole has decided to longer accept direct debit as a payment. Without any notification or warning they have cut off all accounts that pay by this method. You now only have the option on a pay monthly scheme, to set up a recurrent credit/debit card payment. I don't even have the option to set it up through PayPal.
I'm absolutely furious about this and about the complete lack of notification either in advance or after the fact. Has anyone else come across this?
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