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WDYTYA Magazine July 2018

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WDYTYA Magazine July 2018

Postby junkers » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:06 pm

Suffragettes: the guide on page 65 "Arrested Campaigners 1906-1914" is inaccurate as you cannot use a reference like "HO149245" as there will be no results, but you can use the former Home Office reference "1492452" or use the person's name although some of the "campaigners" are not listed in The National Archives (TNA) catalogue. It is known that some of the sub-files (e.g. "/6") may have been destroyed. Other Suffragette files can be found on The National Archives catalogue as well as the National Records of Scotland (including the GBH attack by Emily Wilding Davison on an innocent member of the Scottish clergy in Aberdeen) and in Irish archives, in addition TNA hold the Prison Commission records (PCOM) of prisoners. It has been reported that not all arrests were reported and therefore the 'first arrest' may not be accurate.

I would also like to mention page 12 of the Magazine "TNA reveals secret surveillance" as citizens would expect the authorities to keep tabs on people going around smashing windows, setting fire to post boxes, pulling down telegraph poles and putting chemicals into post boxes and using bombs, on one occasion a Suffragette was arrested in Nottingham with explosives on the day The King was visiting. As far as the description of these people by TNA of being "foot soldiers" they were, as other authors have said, in some cases these people had crossed the line and were involved in terrorism, it must have terrible to have lived during this time.
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Re: WDYTYA Magazine July 2018

Postby Seth Burgess » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:03 pm

Hi Junkers. You make a good point about TNA, although as it happens you can indeed search Discovery for the reference number we quoted and find the correct information - it just takes an extra step that we omitted because we were so short of space. So if you choose the first result of this search

you get the catalogue description containing the details of the file

although the file has not itself been digitised.

Many thanks for reading the magazine so closely and keeping us all on our toes!

Seth Burgess
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Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine
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