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Found any online record sets or tools that have helped your family history research? Share your discoveries here

RE: Subscriptions

Postby TJohnB68A » Thu Dec 06, 2007 5:30 am

Thanks again, I am partly disabled and more or less housebound until I get a heart operation, so finding time shouldn't be a problem!
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby FamilyHistoryAddict » Thu Dec 06, 2007 5:30 am

I broke my ankle about 18 months ago and was temporarily disabled myself for a time. I found doing online family history a good way to keep myself occupied while my bones healed.

I hope you enjoy Ancestry - it'll make a wonderful present. Be aware that sometimes surnames aren't transcribed correctly so you may not find your relatives at first. Then it is best to use just first name, birth year plus or minus five years and birthplace and county and see what comes up.

You'll soon get the hang of it. [:)]

Cheers, FHA
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby keldon » Thu Dec 06, 2007 11:33 pm

I've tried at least three but I prefer Ancestry. I find their website fairly easy to use. I also like it because you can buy one month's access which I find is long enough time to carry out several lines of enquiry. That then produces many possible avenues of enquiry at Record Offices. I can then return to Ancestry at any time and buy another month's worth.

With a subscription as against pay-per-view, you can try out all sorts of searches and look at as many images as you want without having to worry about the cost.

Good luck with your research!

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RE: Subscriptions

Postby HazelT » Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:10 pm

I agree that Ancestry and FreeBMD are both very good, I was using them all last year to trace my family. However, I felt I had gone as far as I could with Ancestry and thought I would try The Genealogist as they promised Parish records pre 1837. So far I have found it extremely slow, confusing and frustrating. I would not recommend it for starting out.
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby FamilyHistoryAddict » Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:43 pm

For parish records, why not try FamilyHistoryOnline?


Cheers, FHA
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby Ladkyis » Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:30 pm

Familyhistory online is now controlled by the same people that do The genealogist.
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby FamilyHistoryAddict » Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:46 pm

I thought FamilyHistoryOnline was aligned with Find My Past rather than The Genealogist. However, FamilyHistoryOnline's site doesn't suffer from slowness at any rate (not for me anyway). [:)]

Cheers, FHA
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby cathyhudd » Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:53 pm

I took out a 14 day free trial with ancestry because I thought that I would either find out all I wanted to or else I would become bored of my new hobby. That was 18 months ago. I now subscribe to Ancestry on a month basis costing just under £10 a month. I have got a lot of information on genes reunited which I then double check on Ancestry before plotting it on my tree. The good thing about Ancestry is that you can have several trees if, for example, you wanted one for your direct ancestors and another for all the ancestors you have found. You can also order certificates using a link from Ancestry which I have found particularly useful.
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RE: Subscriptions

Postby helenmwarwick » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:30 am

I initially had the full ancestry at about £145 but the year after I realised that I virtually never used the non-UK part, so changed to the UK only one which was £69.95 and I feel very good value at that. It has a few oddities e.g. it will only ever display 5 Census returns at one time for one search, so you may need to repeat it with different dates or a different family member to get another selection. I like the shareable family trees although be careful if you import GEDCOMs from the World Tree Section as they be matched inaccurately by your software to somebody with the same name in your tree, even with wildly differing dates.
Helen Warwick
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