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Charles Dance's episode

Discuss the 14th series of the award-winning television programme, which will feature Charles Dance, Clare Balding, Fearne Cotton and more

Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:00 pm

AdrianB38 wrote:... At a guess, it needs to be reduced in size...

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Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby Tabithabenef » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:58 pm

I enjoyed the episode - a very good start.

As usual there were a few lose ends that should have been cleaned up.

Bring back Cherie Lunghi - at least she always sounded as if she was interested in the program.

This particular narrator just read the script and went home - no interest shown in his voice - he may as well have been reading his shopping list. If you are going to have a voice over get someone with an interesting voice who is actually interested in the film. Preferably someone like Patrick Stewart or David Suchet etc,
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Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:46 pm

Curiously I found this a good episode, not a great one. Not wholly sure why as Charles finding his South African family was excellent. I suspect that I got a bit lost right at the very beginning when all those birth certificates and censuses appeared for the unmarried couple in the "wrong" names. (How often has anyone seen that? I've seen couples lie to the parish priest over baptisms, claiming to be married when they weren't - yes, a little judicious swapping of surnames always helps - but I'd never seen someone lie to the registrar - maybe I've just led a sheltered life!) As a result of that loss of direction, I spent several minutes trying to remember if Futvoye was Charles' ancestor or whether it was the legal husband of the mother but not Charles' ancestor. And I was trying to remember where the Derbyshire archive in the factory was, with the bridge over the road - sure I've seen it before.... So failure to concentrate doesn't help!

I would, by the way, hope that WDYTYA can add an update on techniques to either the web-site or the magazine - I would be especially interested in how Laura Berry managed to trace the South African family.

And yes, I must admit to being shocked to not hear Cherie's dulcet tones - especially when I think that I last saw the new voice over guy as the murderous taxi driver in the first episode of Sherlock!
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Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby myrtlebird » Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:17 am

I think I agree about the confusion ...I really enjoyed the episode, but it really became interesting when they got onto Charles Dance's father's story. The section about Emma Futvoye seemed to be skated over a bit and this morning I have rewatched it and feel as if they didn't really prove the case... not that they were wrong, but that they didn't give enough details to believe it. For example, who was Abraham Booth? Were there any children of their marriage? Was he still alive in 1861? I feel Ancestry calling!
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Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby Oracle of Sawston » Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:23 pm

In common with many of you by the sound of it, though the episode was eminently watchable, and interesting, I did feel certain facts had been left a bit threadbare, which resolved me to do some research myself. I just had this feeling that there were more revelations just around the corner, and I'm not sure the situation regarding Charles's father was quite as straightforward as it was suggested.

I managed to determine that the Dance family were quite well-to-do, as were the Golds. One common factor with these two families, and indeed the Morris's, is the confectionery business, with the Dance's owning a shop in Gloucester Road, South Kensington, Edward Rowley Morris (possibly Louie's father) a confectioner also, and Marion Gold at one time a confectioner's assistant. Could all three families paths have crossed at some time?

I also found that the untimely death of Charles's great grandfather, James John Perks, resulted in the family being split up for a period of time, with some of the children spending time in a workhouse school in Enfield, before they were reunited when the widow remarried.

There's only an hour to fit all of this in, so maybe the team felt the other stories held more interest, but it would be interesting to know if Mr Dance became aware of these other twists in his family history.
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Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby meekhcs » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:38 pm

Very watchable.
To find another string to the Family in South Africa was wonderful and when she opened that trunk!! - well, what we all wouldn't give for one of those to suddenly appear.
I couldn't help but feel sorry for Charles' older brother.Without going back over the episode I felt he looked more like Charles' Father than Charles did.
It appeared that perhaps there were several skeletons in the closet,some of which perhaps they wanted to remain hidden, as research was left hanging/glossedover particularly with his Mother.
Overall good start to the series.
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Re: Charles Dance's episode

Postby Tryp » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:29 pm

Great episode, I have the feeling it may have spanned 2 episodes with the depth of story uncovered!

It did come rather confusing at the end; Norah left her will to her granddaughter Noneen, and Charles went to Pretoria to meet his "great-niece" - not one mention of the missing step in between? His niece, Noneen's mother! I found this a little odd, and she didn't come up in conversation whilst he visited her in Pretoria and was presented with a chest of Norah's belongings.

Is there any reason for this which I may be missing?
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