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British Subject Help

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British Subject Help

Postby Patron » Fri May 15, 2009 4:50 am

My Great x2 Grandfather, Thomas Baker, was born c1827 in France, possibly Paris. I have no idea who his parents are, or why they were in France if they were not French born themselves. On the 1861/71 census' he says he's French, on the 1881/91 census' he says he's a 'British Subject, born France, Paris'

I have no idea about the process of becoming a British Subject, is there anyway I could find out? An application form or something similar? Any advice would be welcome.

As an aside he was a Chimney Sweep his whole life, a tradition that continued in our family until my Grandfather and Father closed the business in 1969, although Dad last swept my chimney shortly before his death in 1987, and I swept the one in my home in 2001 soon after moving here before having a gas fire fitted [soon to be ripped out and made an open fire again[;)]]

And here's me, as a small child, laughing at Grandad when he said I had French ancestors!!![:D] oh well..........

Thanks in advance
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