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Dna results a shock?

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Dna results a shock?

Postby aitch2o » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:02 pm

I decided to splash out on Ancestry's DNA . The result I was expecting was to be told that I am almost one third Viking; one third Anglo-Saxon and one third Celt with a little bit of odds and ends from all over Europe.
What I got was 31 p/c Great Britain. (I did not know that GB is an ethnic region). ( n.b.; it is not!)
20 p/c Irish; 14 p/c East European; 12 p/c Scandinavian and surprise surprise

11 p/c Iberian. What?

I am told that this is not a proper DNA test but a compare and contrast with other people (mostly Americans) who have had this test done. No wonder it looks more like the average ancestry of most people of modern USA.
As for the Iberians; is it possible that they have their Iberians mixed up with their Welsh??? I am half Welsh and there is a definite linguistic link that indicates a genetic link.

Has anyone else had this test and wondered at the results. I look and feel so much more Viking than 12 p/c.
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Re: Dna results a shock?

Postby AdrianB38 » Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:25 pm

My understanding is that this is a comparison with other people living in those regions today. It is a proper DNA test because it looks at the DNA.

Thus the fact that you don't consider GB to be an ethnic region doesn't matter - it's just comparing results to people from GB. Don't know about the Iberian link, though isn't it the case that that one way people migrated to the British Isles was along the Atlantic coast from Iberia up via "France" to the British isles?

The other aspect that surprises people is that they don't realise just how easy it is to lose genetic markers, as we inherit a random 50% from each parent. Thus your sibling may have rather different results from yourself as they inherited a different 50% from the other parent - in extreme cases, they miss out on some geographic markers but gain others. I've no feel for numbers but a variation from 33% Scandinavian to 12% doesn't seem that dramatic to me, given the fact that stuff inherits on the flip of a coin.
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Re: Dna results a shock?

Postby aitch2o » Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:28 pm

Actually its worse than you think because we don't inherit 50 p/c from each parent, we can inherit 70-80-90 and more p/c from one parent and very little from the other.

This test is not looking at peoples DNA individually so genetic markers don't come into it, if that were true it would show Celts and Anglo-Saxons etc, but by comparison with other peoples tests on a regional basis. The people being used are other people who have paid for a test with Ancestry and they are mostly people in the USA. This may not be the best base population for people in GB.

My question is about whether anyone else who regards themselves as having a good chunk of Welsh / Cornish ancestry then gets told they are Iberian.
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Re: Dna results a shock?

Postby brunes08 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:56 am

I have traced my husband's Cornish ancestry back to the beginning of parish registers in the 16th century. He had Italian ancestry in there with ship building. Other Cornish relatives have Spanish. Cornwall and Wales traded with peoples from many places so why shouldn't there be peoples from the Iberian peninsular. Some Spanish sailors landed on these shores following the Armada. I have Huguenot ancestry. I also have Scottish, Welsh and Irish ancestors. We are all a mixture which we rarely know about until we start tracing our family back over time.
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Re: Dna results a shock?

Postby aitch2o » Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:56 am

I have done some reading and searching on my PC and found that a research scientist called Professor Bryan Sykes has discovered that the first people to settle permanently in GB were Iberian. He says that "about 6,000 yeas ago Iberians developed ocean-going boats" and came up the Atlantic. This is the Mesolithic era so I will not be looking these up on Family Search (joke!).

Pro Sykes has written books on this theory called The Seven Daughters of Eve and Blood of the Isles.

I am confident that this is why I am 11 p/c Iberian as 11 p/c is about one great grand parents worth of genes and I have got that far back on all my lines and have found no-one remotely Spanish so I am delighted that at least 11 p/c of me is, basically, ancient brit according to Pro. Sykes!

I expected and got loads of "bits" like 1 p/c Indian (I know I am part gypsy) and 1 p/c Jewish; we thought it would be more, and I have French and German traceable ancestors so I am as pot luck as any normal healthy brit but I must say I was hoping to be a bit more Viking.

Incidentally AdrainB38 Professor Sykes used the same basic technique as Ancestry used (comparative genetics) so it is ironic that Pro. Sykes study cost his Uni thousands whilst the customers pay Ancestry. Maybe they should think about getting together on this.
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