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Android problems

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Android problems

Postby Chadwi » Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:58 am

I have been experiencing some difficulties with the WDYTYA website on my Samsung Android tablet - for example, I can't get to the website using links in the regular email newsletter (the publishers are aware of this problem). I was also finding it impossible to get to the home page by typing it into the Firefox browser, but when I clicked on a forum item (from a feed into my blog reader), I was in! Success, so I thought, but new problems emerge...

If I click on the TV Series menu tab, it shows Twiggy as the main person of previous episodes, just days after Paul Hollywood's episode has aired. If I click on the News tab, the first item is about Paul's episode, but if I click on that my tablet doesn't like the url and I'm back to my original problem.

I'd really like to enjoy any additional content as and when new episodes are aired, but I'm being prevented from doing so. Any workarounds would be gratefully received.
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