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Miriam Silverman (Ancestry)

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Re: Miriam Silverman (Ancestry)

Postby coopernicola » Fri May 02, 2014 12:36 pm

Hello Miriam,
I hope I am not too late! My husband's grandfather (Walter Watson Fisher) was awarded a DCM right at the end of WWI, he was serving in France as a gunner in the RA. We have his medal card, the citation from The London Gazette, and a copy of the relevant War diaries for the period, but nowhere dies it say what he actually did to win the medal. The London. Gazette just says for action in a particular area. Is there any other source we can try to find out what he was involved with?
Nicola & Steve

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Re: Miriam Silverman (Ancestry)

Postby redjeepie » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:32 pm

hi I been trying to work on family history through familysearch through my grandmother on my father side someone connected all the way to king Heytir gorrsson of kvenland 425-499 could this be right also having no luck finding connection anywhere with my grandfather Howard O'Neil born 1890 in New Brunswick, Canada my grandmother came to the US in 1922 Mary O'Neil (Mary Mclaughlin) but I can not find any records for him death, were he is buried or were he is buried or his parents I have been stoned when it comes to him or their marriage records. "HELP"
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