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K/hoant family totally lost?

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K/hoant family totally lost?

Postby popopixie » Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:13 am

I'm looking for the K/hoant family in Mauritius. The problem is that they don't seem to exsist [:(]. Does this mean that my husband and his family are only existing as a figment of my imagination? I know that his Great-grandfather was Noah k/hoant 1856-1929 but no records seem to be available. I know the family left Brittany for Mauritius in the l700's but am unable to trace when they arrived . Matthew Flinders did write in his diary's made during the Napolionic war, while under "house/island arrest" in Mauritius, that he visited the Curtat estate in K/hoant in the Tamarin area. However we can find no other records of the name in Mauritius. In France the male line continued only until the guillotine period then disappears. The name has several types of spelling (probabally due to how the "scribe" thought the name sounded) Kerhoant, kerhoent, querhoant, querhoent or kerhoan to mention only a few. Any help ould be greatly appreciated. [:)]
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