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dog training

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dog training

Postby dizzymarsh » Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:13 pm

colliehouse; the dog trainer you mention may be a greyhound trainer. My great grandma and great great grandma were well known in kent as dog trainers i.e. trainers of greyhounds for coursing [this was, ofcourse, prior to the introduction of official greyhound racing to this country in 1926] My Grandad, two of his brothers and his youngest sister were also greyhound trainers in the twenties, thirties and forties so I know a bit about the subject!
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RE: dog training

Postby colliehouse » Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:23 am

I never considered that but of course you are right it may well be something like that. I am going to Edinburgh later this month and will see if I can find out more while I am there.
My mothers foster father had a racing greyhound that lived at home when he retired from racing. Don't know where he was trained or raced but that was in Surrey. Bet there was a track in Edinburgh. I shall have to do a search on the subject. Thanks for that sugggestion.
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