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ARP Warden and Rhine Army

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ARP Warden and Rhine Army

Postby stubby » Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:36 pm

I am having trouble finding the military history of my Grandfather Gerald York. Gerald was born in 1900 and, it seems, managed to miss active service in the World Wars. The Army Personnel Centre cannot find a record of anyone with that name and d.o.b.
I have found a photograph which shows that Gerald was an ARP Warden during WWII and a boxing award inscribed 'R.F. G. York, Rhine Army, Boxing Compition' from, I think, the end of WWI. So,
Q1 Where can I find details of ARP Wardens.
Q2 Where can I find details of post WW1 Rhine Army
Q3 Does 'R.F.' stand for Royal Fusiliers? If so, where can I find records of the Royal Fusliers/ Rhine Army?
Many Thanks
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