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Future of my research

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Future of my research

Postby Guy » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:14 am

I was inspired to start a new thread by the paragraph below by meekhcs.

meekhcs wrote:Katherine
When I started researching in 2006 I thought it would be so easy to put all the info together in a simple book form. I never dreamt it would grow as it has done to the present day, (and I have kept very much to the direct lines), or that the research would never come to an end because more and more info is out there to be found!!

When I started my research genealogy/family history research was a world away from the current state.
State of the art technology available to all was in the form of pencil and paper with durable technology being Indian ink on paper.
As the years progressed photocopiers using the Xerox process began to appear these allowed temporary photocopies to be made of documents. I say temporary as these copies faded in time like heat sensitive till receipts. Eventually this was improved with the advent of plain paper copiers which allowed long lasting copies to be made.

Microfilm and microfiche slowly began to appear with the Genealogical Society of Utah sending cameras into diocesan archives to film their holdings
Transcripts of registers few and far between at the start of my journey began to become more common in the 1970s as family history societies sprouted up all over the country like grass after a drought. Enthusiastic transcribers busied themselves up and down the country to produce records for their society.

As the 1990s progressed the LDS started producing cd copies of vital records and census aided by enthusiasts from family history societies this in turn gave way to the new technology of the internet and the privilege of access to records in ones own home.

But what does this ramble really mean?
Despite of all the changes of media the humble pen/pencil and paper still reigns supreme as a storage media, it can be accessed by anyone without specialist gadgets and lasts for centuries.

There is no reason to believe that similar progress will not advance future forms of access to genealogical records but will anything ever compete with the longevity of the written (printed) word?

As we have gained from the past, we owe the future a debt, which we pay by sharing today.
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Re: Future of my research

Postby meekhcs » Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:54 pm


I agree with you. My initial Family Research was all carried out with pen and paper and I still have four lever arch files full of our Family Tree plus many more files of notes and downloads.

I transferred it all to Ancestry thinking it would give me a better overall view of my research and make it more manageable, but I am not convinced.

My post was born out of my insecurity when using my computer,( despite computer lessons I am just one of those non tech people), and therefore how best to preserve my research for future generations.

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Future of my research

Postby coopernicola » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:26 pm

I've always been a tech person, despite not being a trendy young thing, and did not start my research until 2000 so have had the luxury of being able to use technology. However I must admit I really love visiting archives to look at original documents and have quite a collection of document photocopies and BMD certificates. And, don't laugh, have just ordered some family tree paper designed to draw out your tree (in pencil) in order to better view the results of all my research!
My tree and associated documents are private, on Ancestry, but I do regularly save a Gedcom file just incase! You shouldn't need to remove your information from Ancestry as even without a subscription you can access your tree.
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