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Can't Find a Thing!

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Can't Find a Thing!

Postby 1972LC » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:19 pm

I am hoping that someone can help!
I'm looking for ANY reference to Robert Thomas Crankshaw (b.1890) being in the army.
He appears in army uniform on his wedding photo and on his marriage certificate it says he was in the army. His two sons (one is now 92 and the other 76) have always stated he was in the Welsh Cycle Regiment. He was in some sort of gassing incident and ended up in hospital in the Cambridgeshire area. Which is where he met his future wife. However, we cannot find a single bit of written evidence that he was in the army! I have searched Ancestry and there is a Robert Crankshaw who matches almost, but he had a sister, Isabelle, so we know its not the Robert Crankshaw we're looking for.

Having looked into this for a long time, I'm not that hopeful that we'll find anything, but, I am just hoping that someone reading this will see something I'm missing.

Can anyone help me at all?


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Re: Can't Find a Thing!

Postby ColinB » Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:47 pm


I cannot find anything in Military records for Robert Thomas Crankshaw. I think I found his birth ;
Robert Thomas Crankshaw Mar 1890 Todmorden , marriage and death records as you stated , and also found him on the census with parents John and Elizabeth Crankshaw in Bacup. I tried Googling his full name and found various posters on different forums looking for similar information over the last few years. I also found that his mother's maiden name was Williams. I then tried looking in the Medal Cards Index for Robert Thomas and Cyclist Corps and then , as a last resort , just searched for Robert , putting 7th Welsh Cylist in the box for regiment. The first result on the list was as follows

Robert Williams
Regiment or Corps: 7th Bn (Cyclist) Welsh R,A Cyclist Corps,A Cyclist Corps
Regimental Number: 652,673,202170

The information on the card indicates that there is also a Silver War Badge card for this soldier which shows that he was eventually discharged sick from the Army in 1919.

In the light of the lack of other possibilities I think the above is at least worth considering, although
you will need to tread carefully as he has sons still living !

Good luck

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Re: Can't Find a Thing!

Postby 1972LC » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:57 pm

Thanks Colin!
I will investigate that. His youngest son is my father in law.
I never thought of using his mothers maiden name.


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