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A book on the Berrys, Britts, Newsomes and others

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A book on the Berrys, Britts, Newsomes and others

Postby tonybee » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:45 pm

You may be interested to know my memoir From Paupers to iPads - A Journey Through Seven Generations is now available (£9.99 plus p&p) at ... s-to-ipads
Families whose stories are told include the Berrys from Wales, the Newsomes and Hooleys from Dewsbury, and the Gates, Britts and Creseys (from Sussex). It tells of tidewaiters and piecers, of serving maids and milliners, of wartime deaths and survivals, workplace deaths and life in the workhouse - and how it all ended in comfortable middle-class lives. Enjoy!
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