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Police/legal archives?

I've just signed up to the British Newspaper Archive and found lots of amusing stories of brushes with the law by people with the same names as a few of my ancestors, which are unfortunately relatively common locally. However, given the reporters rarely bothered to include the person's age, home address or even the Christian name of a wife when she was mentioned, are there any resources I could turn to to find out if ...
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FMP hints on Family Historian

I discovered just after Christmas that, when FH displays possible matches, it now has an extra button, which you can use to reject a hint without reviewing it first. It is very handy if there are hints which are only covered by a Pro (world) sub, as if you try and review those it throws a wobbly.
It is a double-edged sword however as I accidentally clicked on the wrong button when my mouse moved ...
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Order out of Chaos!!

Hello Everyone

I would be grateful for some advice please.

For various reasons my research is currently in a mess and I want to get back on track this year. I have a private tree on Ancestry, and one on paper! Before attempting anything else, such as moving my Tree from Ancestry to another computer based site eg FTM or the like, I need to marry up my Ancestry and paper trees and make sure ...
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Ancestry DNA and FTM 2017

My wife has just received her Ancestry DNA profile.
All of her family tree is linked to my tree on the same FTM2017 programme.
Can her DNA be linked to my tree without her having to have an Ancestry account?
If the answer is yes please tell me how!
Many thanks
Happy New Year
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GRO Certificates

I ordered 2 PDF certicates (birth and death) and a pukka marriage certificate (all for the same person) on Wednesday at 1200. I was somewhat gobsmacked to get home yesterday evening (Saturday) to find the physical marriage certificate had been delivered!! Full marks to the GRO for that -although no sign of the pdfs yet!

A happy Christmas to all, and may your brick walls be levelled next year!

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How to record adoption in

I have a few instances where a child was born illegitimately to a mother who then married shortly afterwards and the child was brought up by the new husband as his own and the child appears with the husband's surname on all future census returns. This could either be a formal adoption, but more often or not it could be just informal

In ancestry I record the child as having the same surname as the ...
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The question about the wills on the National Archives website of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills "before 1858" is actually not correct because the PCC wills run up to 11 January 1858.
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Irish Census 1926 release

This sounds good, but the comment (see the WDYTYA Magazine website) that the 1939 Register is an example of release of information, alas not so as it has many problems, even The National Archives said there were 'mistakes'). As I understand it the transcriptions for the 1901 and 1911 Census were done in conjunction with The National of Archives of Canada, so it may be some time unless there was a 'Crowdfunding' arrangement, not ...
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Find my past subscriptions

I've just had an email about these, saying (more or less) we've listened and matched our packages with what family historians want. Why am I always sceptical when I read something like that?
I've not investigated fully, but Britain and World subscriptions have been replaced with Plus and Pro. Whilst "plus" monthly subs now give access to the 1939 register, "plus" subs (same price as the old "Britain " sub) they no longer give access ...
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Family Search

I have been without a computer for a few weeks and have just gone into Family Search and got a shock at how they have changed the site. No world map to click on now and when I put United Kingdom in as where I wanted to research, it would not accept it, so I changed it to England. Yet when I entered my search details it came up with United Kingdom. What on earth ...
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