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Pages not found

The latest articles on the 1939 Register are not coming up on my laptop, other pages are ok. Do we have a tech problem here?.
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This is a test to see if I can still post messages. When i now log in via the app I am getting a message telling me I have been banned from the forum and my up has been banned. My desktop seems to be working fine. Just making sure things are still working.


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Doesn’t stay logged in

I have noticed over the past 2-3 days, after reviewing a topic, when I click the main board index link, I am returned to the main board index, but find that quite often, I have been logged out.

I don’t know whether it is a fault with the site or Safari on my IPad. (iPad has had a recent IOS update - coincidence?)

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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No access

Yesterday I was unable to access the website all day as the search engine could not find it, this is the second time this has happened.
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The last post from Ianbee saw the counter on General Research click over 40,000. What a great resource the forum is to genealogists and how fitting that Ianbee who has helped so many people should be the one to go through that milestone. Onwards to 50,000!
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What time does the forum work to? Posting times seem to be one hour ahead of UK time at the moment! Clocks go forward over the weekend.
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Key to added information in the circle?

On the left of each thread there is a circle and inside a image which I assume is meant to look like text.

Now and then there are bits added to this circle (eg a star) and sometimes the "text" is animated.

I am sure this is all trying to convey some information to me, but I don't know what! Is there a key somewhere?
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WDYTYA Forum App IOS not in App store

The magazine and website still advertises the WDYTYA Forum app but it is not available on IOS App store is this because the App has not been updated for IOS 11?
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Technology "Broken"

I hate to be a grump but the WDYTYA IT Guys are very slow to mend technology elements that are broken.
Last month I too reported that the page had disappeared to change your email and password.This was first reported by another Forum member in May, and it is still broken today!! Whilst Rosemary kindly changed my email address for me I am still unable to update my password.

I am also unable to access ...
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updating email

I want to update my email details.
I have signed in, gone to User control panel, profile, edit account settings and it comes up "page not found". Any ideas?

Thanks Sally
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