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WDYTYA Android app

While the new Android app looks very nice and has several good features (such as it being easy for me to post this in the right place - I hope!) one bit infuriates me.

The unread posts option lists correctly when I enter the app. When I read one of those posts and come out of it, the unread posts list should update in response to that event and remove that now read post from ...
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as of 23 Nov the forum still seems to be on BST.

This posted at 2:56pm
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WDYTYA Forum App

I've seen mention of this subject before but can't find it now... What has happened to the Android app? I've just got a new phone but the app doesn't appear to be in the Play store. Hope somebody knows! :???:
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Problems remembering/changing password

Hello all,

I've recently upgraded my phone and now I cant log into the app as I cant remember my password. The app suggests using the desktop site to reset (I am still logged into this). But I cannot seem to change my password anywhere. When I log into my profile to attempt to change it, it says that the page is not found. Any help much appreciated.


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Forum colours

Am I going mad or has the colour for headings on the iPad app changed to a sickly lime green making the white text in normal mode almost illegible-and the names of the posters in the same colour on white, equally illegible? I don’t remember it being this colour before

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Logging in with new iPad App

It is extremely frustrating to have to manually enter user name and password, everytime I log in using the App.
Is there a way for app to be modified, so that these login details are remebered by the operating system?

Sent from my iPad using Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine Forum mobile app
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Pages not found

The latest articles on the 1939 Register are not coming up on my laptop, other pages are ok. Do we have a tech problem here?.
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This is a test to see if I can still post messages. When i now log in via the app I am getting a message telling me I have been banned from the forum and my up has been banned. My desktop seems to be working fine. Just making sure things are still working.


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Doesn’t stay logged in

I have noticed over the past 2-3 days, after reviewing a topic, when I click the main board index link, I am returned to the main board index, but find that quite often, I have been logged out.

I don’t know whether it is a fault with the site or Safari on my IPad. (iPad has had a recent IOS update - coincidence?)

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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No access

Yesterday I was unable to access the website all day as the search engine could not find it, this is the second time this has happened.
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