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Back issues to give away

I have back issues 2013 - 2019 to give away. Either the print in them is shrinking and fading or my eyesight is getting worse!! They are in box files where they have been since BCV (before corona-virus). They can be collected from porch in SW London.
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Serial killer in Whitechapel

Whilst the April 2020 issue (page 76) refers to Polly Ann Nichols as the first victim of 'Jack The Ripper', the five accepted canonical victims were all in 1888 and the others were as said just murders that happened regularly. Given that when the file returned to the Public Record Office (now The National Archives -TNA) from the Metropolitan Police in 1983 over 100 consecutive pages of the 'suspects' file and the case of Mary ...
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Lennox Aldbrough

Q & A (April 2020 issue). Liz, have you followed up on the 1939 Register footnote for Lennox (wrongly transcribed on ancestry as Lennox Oldbrough), it has an asterisk which it says refers to number 130 on page 11. I cannot see anything at TNA. Personally I think Lennox is a Scottish name, but there is nothing on Scotland's People either.
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The Roaring Twenties (February 2020 issue)

In my view the 1920s were a period of extravagance and over-indulgence by some people (mostly rich people), but very poor conditions for the vast majority. After the First World War most of the surviving members of the armed forces came back to the UK, although some served overseas in the Army of Occupation until 1923. Women often were widowed, women lost their war jobs as men took back their jobs they had previously held ...
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Transcription Tuesday

Tomorrow (4 February) is Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine's fourth annual Transcription Tuesday event. This is when we encourage our readers to get involved in transcribing family history records for non-profit organisations, to make them accessible for everyone. This year's projects are:

    Nonconformist parish records with FamilySearch
    International Committee of the Red Cross records of German and Austrian civilians and POWs detained at Stobs Camp, Scotland
    The Royal Navy First World War Lives ...
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Scanners and operating systems

Hello, have any of our forum users had problems with new operating systems not recognising their old scanners? We're thinking of running a feature on ways to fix this but I would like to know if it is a big problem or not!


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I have just read the article ('Letters', page 6 and 7, in the February 2020 magazine) regarding open access to recent wills being available. I agree with a lot of what Anthony Morgan has said, in fact when the Probate Service issued a consultation document some years ago I told them that it seemed wrong to me that people who had received money might be targeted by criminals. Having said that I am sure that ...
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No plastic wrapping

Thanks for using a paper wrapping rather than plastic in sending me my magazine, something for the environment. Shame other outlets don't, BBC!.
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January 2010 issue

On the "50 websites to watch in 2020" I still have doubts over whether Find My Past will get the 1921 Census (England and Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man) ready on 1 January 2022, given that The National Archives gave them the contract nine months after the stated date start, no explanation has been given by TNA for the delay in awarding the contract. Also as we know from previous episodes (the 1901 ...
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December Issue

Please refer to picture below:

Wales is not a principality!

'Wales was officially recognised as a country in December 2011 by the influential International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) - but it hasn’t really been a Principality for hundreds of years.

Despite the relatively recent recognition of Wales as a country, even though it has its own National Assembly, anthem, language and our own rugby and football teams, it hasn’t been a Principality since the 16th ...
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