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Military Man Photo Identity

Hello everyone.
I'm trying to establish the identity of the soldier on horseback. It came from a box of photos belonging to my late mother and is likely to be either her father, or one of her five brothers, all of whom were in the British Army.
Her father (my grandfather) was born in 1879, so if the photo is from the WW1 period, it's possible that the soldier in the photo is too young! ...
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Can any one help with a timeframe for this coal merchant?

Can anyone help with placing the timeframe of this old photo. Basically I was told it was my 2xGreat Grandfather and my Great Grandfather - however a cousin has been told it is my2xGreat Grandfather and my Great Grandfather's nephew, so I'm trying to work out which of us may be right. Useful information to this argument is that my Great Grandfather was born in 1904 while his nephew was born in 1929. My ...
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Dating woman in photograph

I was wondering if anyone could help me say roughly when this photograph of my great great grandmother was taken. She was born in January 1851 and was a governess before she married.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Badge identification

Hi,i am trying to locate the regiment that my great grandfather served in. Does any one recognise the badge?
His name was John William Tasker(1906-1989),serving in the 2nd world war.
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Very old lady; guess a date of birth?

I came across this image years ago in an old photograph album of my late grandfather, so I am pretty sure it must be of one of his (and, therefore, of my) ancestors. This photo is a copy I had made decades ago, and the album has since been lost or destroyed (grrrr), so I can't return to the original to tell you what the actual paper looked like. I am sure there would not ...
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Military Identification

I'm trying to identify the the uniform worn in the attached picture/ the time period. I noticed he appears to be holding a cane under his left arm. It's possible he is from Ireland or Scotland but hard for me to tell. Any suggestions?

Thanks. Stephen
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Dating young woman in photograph

Good evening,

I was wondering if anyone could help me date this photograph of my great grandmother. She married in 1918 and was born in 1895, this photograph was taken in a studio in Oxford?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Historical Costume/Menswear


We have found a photo of a very grand looking gentleman amongst our family archives. We have not been able to identify who he is.
Can anybody place the decade or his occupation from this photo?

Many thanks
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Doe/Greenfield family of Lincolnshire

I would love for these 2 photos to be of the same person but I’m not at all sure. I would date the first as the late 1870s and the second around 1895. If I’m correct this would be Maria Greenfield, nee Doe. I don’t have the original photos and these are the best copies I have. I think I can see some similarities between the eyebrows and ears though the eyes could be a ...
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RAF pilot ID

I am hoping to identify the pilot in this photo, which belonged to my late mother-in-law, Sima. She was a young hostess at the Music Box Canteen in New York City in the early 1940s, and I can only guess that she met this flier when he was going to or returning from training in the US and they became pen pals. Perhaps she knitted his scarf. It looks to me like the inscription reads ...
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