A sneak preview of the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?

By mattelton, 29 June 2011 - 10:45am

In the first of her new weekly series of blogs from the Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine office, deputy editor Claire Vaughan looks ahead to the new series

Wednesday 29 June 2011
Claire Vaughan, deputy editor
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There’s a definite buzz of excitement in the Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine offices this week – and there are two very good reasons why. Not only have we just sent our 50th issue to press (packed with the usual expert tips and latest online resources, but with some extra celebratory surprises for readers), we’re also gearing up for the new series of the show, set to air at the beginning of August.

Some top names will be joining the Who Do You Think You Are? hall of fame this year: JK Rowling, Robin Gibb, Emilia Fox, Sebastian Coe, Richard Madeley, Larry Lamb, Tracey Emin, Alan Carr, Len Goodman and June Brown. For an introduction to the celebrities and a peek at what their stories hold, don’t miss our next issue, on sale from Tuesday, 12 July or click here to read more.

We’re also planning some great behind-the-scenes features and, as part of my research, I get to talk to the celebrities (one of my favourite bits of the job). Earlier this week an enthusiastic Richard Madeley enthralled me with a spell-binding tale of one of his US ancestors that didn’t make it into his episode. Sounds like he and the crew faced some extreme weather during filming.

Meanwhile Larry Lamb chatted warmly about the new family members he found in the most unlikely of places, and a mystery that even the WDYTYA? researchers couldn’t solve. May be one of you will be able to fill in the gaps for him! Next week, I’m looking forward to hearing JK Rowling’s and Seb Coe’s takes on family history.

Hmm, not sure yet who my favourite celebrity is going to be this year. Whose story are you most looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the poll on our Facebook page.


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