From the office: The thrill of the chase

By mattelton, 27 July 2011 - 1:24pm

A tight deadline leads deputy editor Claire Vaughan to ponder the excitement of uncovering new leads – and how it inspires everyone, from family historians to the WDYTYA? crew

Wednesday 27 July, 2011
Claire Vaughan, deputy editor
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Hurray! We’ve just sent another packed issue of the magazine off to the printers – and we’re already beavering away on the next one. You’ll soon be enjoying our September issue, the perfect complement to the new series of Who Do You Think You Are? – two weeks and counting!

Press day this month was more dramatic than usual. With about an hour to deadline we discovered that a wonderful photograph on our regular Making History page wasn’t good enough quality for the magazine. We all sprang into action, phoning round, to try and locate a high-resolution version before it was too late…

What a buzz when we finally tracked it down – just in time. That’s what keeps us family historians going, the thrill of the chase.

And of course, it’s also what keeps the makers of Who Do You Think You Are? going. Series producer Colette Flight recently told me that the excitement for her is hunting out “cracking stories… we never know what we’re going to find”.

This passion extends to the entire crew. Cameraman Mike Robinson explained that making the programme is great, no matter who features: “It’s the journey, and what you discover and how you discover it," he told me.

Celebrity or not, there are amazing stories in everyone’s family history – perhaps you’d like to share yours with the team here at the magazine…

Like us, Colette and the crew are straight into their next ‘issue’ already, hunting out celebrities with fascinating stories. She gave me a few hints about series nine – although, sadly I’ve been sworn to secrecy until next year. Sorry!


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